Zwift Offers Big Indoor Training Equipment Sale

Zwift now has over a dozen indoor cycling products on sale, ranging from smart bikes to heart rate monitors. Some are speculating that this is because Zwift may be releasing their new hardware soon. I think that this is a possibility, but I wouldn’t expect anything very soon. I think at the soonest Zwift may release their hardware in a few months. Here are the products on sale now:


Wahoo Kickr Snap – $100 off – Now $399

Wahoo Kickr Core – $100 off – Now $799

Wahoo Kickr V5 – $240 off – Now $959

Wahoo Tickr Fit – $16 off – Now $64


Stages SB20 – $1250 off – Now $1999


ELITE Directo XR – $200 off – Now $799

ELITE Suito-T – $160 off – Now $639


Tacx Neo 2T – $280 off – Now $1,119

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