Wahoo Acquires RGT Cycling


Wahoo just announced earlier today that they have acquired RGT Cycling. A few years back, Wahoo bought Sufferfest, and rebranded it to Wahoo Systm. Wahoo have also announced a “Wahoo X” subscription, which includes a premium subscription to RGT and a subscription to Wahoo Systm. This makes things a lot more competitive with Zwift. RGT currently has extremely good e-sports racing, and Wahoo Systm has great training programs/workouts.

What does this mean for Zwift?

Zwift will definitely need to step up their game in order to compete with Wahoo, and this was a very smart move by Wahoo. Wahoo have also stated that they will be working on other areas that Zwift has failed to deliver(dcrainmaker.com). This means addressing the issues and features that Zwifters have requested.

What this means for current users

Current RGT premium or Wahoo Systm users will now have a Wahoo X subscription. For existing users, the price will remain the same until September of 2022, when the price will increase to $14.99(the same price a Zwift).

My thoughts

I personally think that a Wahoo X subscription is a great deal. You get full blown training platform and the second largest virtual cycling platform. It all depends on which platform is interesting to you, for a great side by side comparison of RGT and Zwift, head over to this article: https://thespeedhound.com/blogs/news/rgt-vs-zwift.

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