Zwift Offers Huge Discounts on Trainers and Accessories

Some may have noticed that Zwift has been offering huge discounts on hardware. Currently, the Tacx Neo 2T is on sale for over $400 off! Here is a recap of what is on sale on the Zwift US site.


Tacx Neo 2T – $910 instead of $1,399 // $489 off – Best deal you likely will ever see on this trainer, the Tacx Neo 2T is the best of the best.

Wahoo Kickr Core – $585 instead of $899 // $314 off – Probably the top mid-high end trainers out there.

Elite Directo XR – $650 instead of $999 // $349 off

Elite Suito-T – $520 instead of $799 // $279 off


Trainer Cassete – $26 instead of $40 // $14 off

Elite Steerzo Smart – $81.25 instead of 124.99 // $43.79 off

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