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         I am a cycling enthusiast who has been on Zwift for almost 3 years, and cycling out in the real world for even longer. I am 13 years old and I started indoor cycling with Zwift when I came home from an outdoor ride freezing. I am a level 50 Zwifter with over 16,000 miles logged on Zwift, one of the first kids to achieve level 50. I love finding out about new features, cool things within Zwift, and other Zwift related things. This is where I share my knowledge about Zwift to the community. I started this website because I wanted to share my knowledge with other kids and adults around the world. Although it may seem like this website is all about Zwift, there are going to be some articles about outdoor cycling. If you are interested in YouTube, I also have a YouTube channel that I am going to try and start posting more on once I get back to Zwift racing. Here is the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSx3bX1tzrhBxdaxkiCjL5Q. This website is for everyone of all ages to enjoy! Enjoy the website!

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