Zwift Workout // Pursuit Road To Glory

Today I made a quick workout that I did this afternoon. The workout starts with a quick 5 minute warm up and workout is just about 45 minutes long, and consists of 3 blocks of zone 4 into 30 second surges, and then 5 fifteen second sprints a few minutes after the main set. The sprint are 15 seconds long with 45 seconds of rest. The workout ends with a 5 minute cool down to finish off the workout. In the end the workout graph should look something like this.

Here is a link for the ZWO file:

How To Get The Holiday Kit on Zwift

You may have seen riders riding around Zwift with a Christmas theme cycling kit last year. The Christmas kit should be available in the next few days, so keep your eyes open for holiday decorations! You also might have also noticed the decorations around Watopia(lights on the trees, maybe even Santa’s sleigh flying around). This is very easy to get, here is a video with instructions on how you can get it. Prefer to read? Click here.

Step by step

  • Go to your “garage”
  • Select jersey icon
  • Find the default Zwift jersey
  • Select the default Zwift and there you have it!

World Of Zwift Episode 52 // Mt. Fuji Confirmed?

This weeks world of Zwift contains a recon of Railways to Rooftops from Mark Cavendish, who points out Mt. Fuji in the distance, saying that the roads are not yet open, maybe one day. I would probably expect this to be the next expansion Zwift does, which will probably be in around 6 months. This weeks world of Zwift also includes a recap of the UCI E-spots qualifyers, Zwift academy, CHPT 3 Chaingang with David Millar, and the workout of the week.

Speed Hound Recovery Boots Review


I have recently been doing a ton of riding and a few runs here and there. In between these hard rides I have been using the Speed Hound recovery system to help me recover before the next day of riding. You can use this system while getting some work done(literally writing this article while using the boots), or bing your favorite TV show and recover while your at it! This system is very similar to Normatec and Rapid Reboot, but at a more affordable price.


The system has two modes, A and B. Here is a brief explanation of each setting. Mode A will start from the foot, and make its way up to your thighs, turning off the previous zone once the next zone is fully inflated. Mode B will also start from the foot, but unlike mode A, it will hold keep the zone on until all of the zones are fully inflated. The system will then hold the pressure for a few seconds, then release all zones at the same time. The system can also go up to 200mmHg of pressure(pressure goes up at increments of 20mmHg, starting at 20mmHg). You will also be able to toggle zones on and off(total of 4 zones), and you will have the option of 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Overall this is an awesome system and it is very beneficial to my recovery. For a link to purchase the system, head over here.

Key Features/Details

  • Wide range of pressure settings to suit everyones needs (20mmHg – 200mmHg)
  • On/off toggle for different parts of legs
  • Flush and Massage mode
  • Time settings of 10-30 minutes
  • Carrying case included
  • 2 year warranty
  • 45 day return/exchange policy

Noise Level

This recovery system is fairly quiet, meaning you can still watch TV and not have to turn it up much more than you normally would.

Does it actually help?

I have been using this system for awhile now and I love it; I can really feel the difference in my performance the next day. I highly recommend looking into one of these recovery systems, it really benefits my recovery. Recently after doing the Uber Pretzel on Zwift, I used this system for a good hour, and the next day I wasn’t even sore, which was a huge plus because I had basketball practice the next day. I would recommend it for all types of athletes, runners, triathletes, basketball players, not just for cyclists! Speed Hound also offers hip attachments and arm attachments that are available for purchase seperately.


Ready to buy the system? Here is a link to purchase:

The Uber Pretzel // I lived to tell the tale

Background information

This weekend, as my sister and I’s combined birthday ride(our birthdays are a week apart), we decided we would do the Uber Pretzel. Neither of us had the route achievement, and it would be both of our distance records. We estimated that the ride would take us about 6 hours, and ended up finishing just about 30 minutes before out estimate.

What happened?

The route first went up the Epic KOM, which was a pretty long climb. We held around 3-3.5 wpk, but once we crested the top of the bonus climb, I was beginning to feel it in my legs already. We then headed into the jungle, we took the first part easy, then pushed on the uphill part to get back to the main area. We then went up the Volcano KOM, it took around 10 minutes, and by then we were both getting a bit tired. Before heading to the desert flats, we hit the Watopia sprint reverse. It was a Saturday morning, which meant lots of people were riding, so more draft. The desert went by pretty quick, after the desert we went up the Watopia KOM reverse, which at that point we were both tired, and took it pretty easy. We then did the desert again, this time in the opposite direction. We then made our way to the alpe, we both agreed we would be going easy, and at the start of the climb we were both dead. The first 10 turns went by very slow, but towards the end we were able to push a quicker pace. We accomplished our goal of completing the ride, and we did in 30 minutes less than we expected!


Nutrition and hydrating is extremely important for this route, be sure not to go out too hard, and push where it counts most, the climbs.


Garmin Never Stop Series Announced

Zwift just announced a new series by Garmin, this series is for both riders and runners, and features in game unlocks and IRL prizes. If you complete any of the stages you will get the cycling kit or running kit, depending on which event you did. Every event that you complete, you will get an entry to win a Tacx NEO 2T and Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle, two very nice prizes. The series begins on December 2nd, and ends on the 18th.

These rides are go at your own pace rides, so expect to see groups scattered throughout the courses. Zwift also will be offering both a shorter distance and a longer distance for both running and riding. Here are the courses/routes for cycling. Note: For run routes head over to the link to the series below.


Shorter Routes(~40-50 minutes depending on pace) – Events every 2 hours

Makuri Islands Suki’s Playground – Distance: 18.5 km/11.5 mi

London 8 Reverse – Distance:  20.3 km/12.6 mi

France’s RGV – Distance: 24.1 km/15.0 mi

Watopia’s Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop – Distance: 19 km/11.8 m

Longer Routes(1:30-2 hours depending on pace) – Events every 6 hours

Watopia’s Dust in the Wind – Distance: 52.1 km/32.4 mi

The London Pretzel – Distance 55.6 km/34.5 mi

France’s Tire-Bouchon – Distance: 61 km/37.9 mi

Watopia’s Big Foot Hills – Distance: 67.5 km/41.9 mi

For a complete list of the events in the series and the run routes, head over to this link: For event terms and conditions, head over to this link:

Zwift Announces Numerous Game Changes

Through the forums, Zwift announced a few new changed to the game. These changes are all on the client side of things, so will not require a new game release. The December release should be released around the 15th-20th of December if they follow the schedule, holiday decorations should be up soon too.

“Save Your Ride Locally” Feature

This is a very important feature in case your upload takes a long time when uploading in case internet is lost(or other technical difficulties like that. This new feature will ensure that all rides save properly. The way that this feature works is if your ride does not finish saving after 15 seconds, the ride will be saved onto your device, and finish uploading once a stable connection is established. The ride will then save normally, and upload to Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, etc. This feature however will not upload your screenshots, and will not work if your device crashes. You can check to see if your activity uploaded by checking, or the companion app. The feature is slowly being rolled out this week, with a complete roll out in the next few weeks. To discuss this topic, head over to the forums post:

Gif of the new feature in action from the forums post

Leaderboards Performance Updates

This is not really a new feature, just an update to how the leaderboard works. This will not affect times and how your time is calculated. These changes are to make the game run smoother and ensure that Zwifter’s have the best experience possible. The leaderboards will now show up like this, first you will see the leader for the segment, then you will see an incomplete leaderboard a few seconds later, and then after another few moments the full leaderboard will show up. To discuss this topic, head over to the forums post:

Changes To Device Compatibility

This is one of the bigger changes that will be made. In order to help the game run smoother, Zwift will be changing the minimum requirements to run the Zwift app. Users on the old platforms will no longer be able to use Zwift once this change is made. Zwift is also removing the Zwift app and companion app from the Apple watch app store because Zwift acknowledges that the app isn’t complete, and needs some work. These are the new requirements that will be enforced.

  • macOSX 10.2 +
  • iOS 12 +
  • Android +
  • Windows 10 +

MacOS, iOS, and Android minimum requirement changes will happen with the December game release.
Win7 & Win8 minimum requirements will be made the month after in the January game release. Here is a link to the forums post:

Re-designed home-screen + clubs

Zwift is planning their re-designed home-screen for December, if everything goes on schedule, the update to the home-screen will have a limited roll out beginning in December, with a complete roll out in early 2022. Zwift also plans to release clubs publicly around January 2022.

Zwift Adds Pace Partners in Makuri Islands

Zwift has just added pace partners to Makuri Islands. The Watopia pace partners will still be in Watopia on their usual routes, so there are now two of each pace partner. Here are the routes for the new Makuri Islands pace partners. Their paces will remain the same as they currently are in Watopia.

A. Anquetil will ride Countryside Tour

B. Brevet will ride Chain Chomper

C. Cadence will ride Kappa Quest

D. Diesel Will ride Three Village Loop

It is great to see Zwift move pace partners to other worlds outside of Watopia, but it would be nice to see C Cadence on other routes that are flatter and in Neokyo like Flatland loop, Neon Flats, and Suki’s playground.

Zwift L39ION Of LA Crit Series

Zwift just announced a new Crit series on their only event only route in the Makuri Islands, the Legion of LA Night Time Crit Series. This series features an event only a route badge, which is a first! These Crit races will take place over the Neokyo Crit Course that was introduced in the Neokyo game release. Riders can also earn points towards a series classification, Zwift says “Racers can earn points during every race. Those points are tallied in the overall AKA General Classifications standings.” Just like normal races, the races will have category A, B, C, and D. There will be a women’s only category and a women’s only race. A and B riders will need a Zwift Power account, heart rate and smart trainer/power meter is also required for Zwift Power results. For some FAQ, head over to this forums post:

The route will stay the same for the whole series, and there are three different times for the race, 11am PST,  4pm PST, and 7pm PST. Here are the dates for the event series:

Friday, December 10th

Tuesday, December 14th 

Friday, December 17th

Tuesday, December 21st

For registration and a complete list of events, head over to this link:

Top 5 Hardest Climbs On Zwift

Looking for a challenge on Zwift? Zwift featuring lots of climbs like Alpe Du Zwift, a replica of the IRL Alpe Du Huez, Ven-Top, the replica of the famous Mt. Ventoux. One of Zwift’s most popular climbs is Alpe Du Zwift, a popular climb for Veveresting, and daring races. Here are the 5 hardest climbs on Zwift.


Ven-Top was added in the June 2020 update, and this climb is by far the hardest climb on Zwift. The climb was used for the virtual Tour De France, where riders climbed to the Chalet Reynard banner. The Ven-Top route takes you up 5,033 feet in 13 miles. This climb is a virtual replica of the Mt. Ventoux climb that the Tour De France sometimes goes through. The climb features some pro cyclists, or former pro cyclists names written on the roads to help push you to the finish. Once you crest the top you are going to do a small loop, which will then lead to the long descent. With an average gradient of 8%, this is an incredibly challenging climb, and you’re going to need those gears!

Alpe Du Zwift

Alpe Du Zwift was added back in 2018, and since then thousands of riders have done this climb. Alpe Du Zwift is known for the Yeti that can sometimes be spotted towards the top of the climb. There is also is spinning “wheel of fortune” where you can score a Lazer helmet, KOM gloves, or Lightweight Meilenstein wheels. The climb is 3,399 ft (1,036 m) over the course of 21 hairpin turns. The climb is 7.5 mi(12.2 km) long, and typically takes around 1-1:30 to complete the climb. The average grade is slightly more than Ven-top, with an average grade of 8.5%.

Innsbruck KOM Reverse

The Innsbruck KOM is another replica of a real life climb. The climb is not very long, and only slightly less steep than the other two climbs. This climb is an average grade of 6.9%, and is 3.5 miles long. This is not a very popular climb as only a few routes go through it, Lutcher(Lutcher CCW), and Achterbahn. This is still one of the harder climbs as the climb has a few steep bits that you really have to push through to get over the hump. The climb takes around 20-40 minutes depending on your ability.

Epic KOM Reverse

The Epic KOM reverse is a very popular climb. This side of the Epic KOM is shorter than the Epic KOM, which is a longer way up the climb. The Epic KOM reverse is however steeper than the other side. This climb is very similar to the Innsbruck KOM reverse. The climb is just slightly longer, but not as steep as the Innsbruck KOM reverse. The climb is 3.8 miles long, and an average grade of 5.9%. The climb typically takes around 20-40 minutes.

Bologna TT Climb

This is one of the most popular routes for time trials, the route is short, and includes a very steep climb at the end. This is a replica of the Bologna TT climb from the Giro. The beginning of this course is very flat and fast, but once you hit the final ~2 miles, the road will start going up… The average gradient of the climb portion of the climb is 9.6%, the grade hits over 15% at some points of the course, making it very hard to pedal. The climb is 1.3 miles long, and it ends at the upper lap banner. One way is approximately 15-40 minutes long depending on how fast you are going.