Common Feature Request: Zwift Family Plan

The request

Got a family full of Zwifters? All the subscriptions add up to $180 every year for each person. One common feature request on the forums is to have a family plan option. Something similar to Rouvy, where you pay for one member, and two other family members can have accounts for free. So if you have 3 members in your family who want to all Zwift, only one person has to pay. Or another solution is having the price per account discounted if you have more than 1 rider in your household who would like a Zwift account. For now, you could always switch to Rouvy for the time being, as they offer a family plan. You could also use RGT, as the platform is completely free, unless you want a premium account.

My thoughts

I do not think Zwift will do this, as they already offer accounts for kids under the age of 16 free. Offering accounts for kids free solves this problem for most users, so the main people this would benefit is a couple, or a family with kids over the age of 16. For information on kids accounts on Zwift, head over to this link: It is possible that Zwift could change their payment plans, but not in the near future.

Vote it up on the forums

Although I do not see Zwift doing this in the future, you can still have your voice heard by voting for the topic on the forum, or joining in on the discussion. Head over to this link to the forums:

Category Enforcement is Coming Soon | Here’s What You Need To Know


A huge issue in Zwift is sandbagging. Sandbagging is basically when someone from a higher category purposefully races a lower category to place better. This is seen a lot in C and D races when A and B categories race the lower cats and demolish the race. In fact, there is a 2,500+ post forums thread that I have been following with riders complaining, ranting, giving possible solutions, and pressing Zwift for a date on when this could be happening.

What is category enforcement?

Category enforcement is very different from autocategorization(previous events like the Zwift chase races that happen weekly) and matchmaking. Category enforcement takes your power data and then there will be a floor on what categories you can and can’t join. So this will basically prevent riders from joining categories lower than their power data(Ex; FTP of 3.7, you will only be able to join B and A, there will be blocks in place to stop you from registering in D and C upon sign up). Zwifts goal is that all riders are racing riders at their level, and have somewhat of a chance of winning the race.


Zwift has finally set a timeline on when this could happen, which has made lots of Zwifters days. Zwift has stated that these tests will most likely be run on the week of February 21st, the date is subject to change. They will be individual events on easy courses put a floor on categories, basically setting the minimums for future enforcement.

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Race Results

Use your power ups wisely

Power ups are given at every arch/banner in the game. When you go through a banner/arch, a random power up generator will show up and will give you either an Aero boost(helmet), Draft boost(truck), Lightweight boost(feather), Undraftable(burrito), Steamroller(steamroller). The best power up in most cases will be an Aero boost. Note that using the draft boost when you are not in the draft will not benefit you at all. The steamroller is a very commonly misused power up. The steamroller is used to make every surface you ride on have the same rolling resistance as the road for 30 seconds. It is best to use this power up on dirt, cobbles, or wood planks. Having a power up in the final sprint will help you a ton, and if you race a lot on Zwift, you will notice that the top 5-10 riders all used an aero power up in the final sprint.

Use the draft

Why would you want to pull in a Zwift race? Use the draft wisely and sit in when you can, it is not smart to burn your matches in the front of the group. Saving your energy and drafting will lead to a much stronger sprint and will allow you to have the energy to follow attacks, push on the climbs, and breakaway for a solo win!

Know the route

Knowing the course that you are racing is extremely important. You don’t want to be surprised when there is a huge climb in the middle of the race. Knowing the route better also helps with bike selection, bike selection may seem like it makes a minor difference, but bike choice can impact your time by around 1 minute! Fancy an attack? Knowing the course will also help you plan your attacks wisely, because an attack on a pan flat course likely will not work.

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Two Village Loop Zwift Details

Two village loop was added in the original Makuri Islands game release back in May of 2021. This route does not include any major climbs, but does have almost 100 meters of elevation each lap. The route starts at the Flatland Loop banner, and goes through two sprints, the Country sprint and Village sprint. The best bike for route would likely be the most aero bike you have, for most that would be the Tron Bike.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 255XP

Distance – 8 miles/12.8 kilometers

Elevation – 289ft/88m

Video Recording

Climber’s Gambit Zwift Details

This route was orginally added in August for the Zwift Academy baseline and finishline rides, then Zwift later on released it to the public with a route badge in the December 2021 game release. The route is on the hillier side, and features an Epic KOM Reverse finish. The route starts the in the downtown pen and goes through a lot of the main island and titans grove.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 600XP

Distance – 17.3 miles/27.9 kilometers

Elevation – 2198ft/670m

Video Recording

Watch as one of the best riders on Zwift races this route.

Zwift Course Calendar

Here is an updated Zwift course calendar for January 2022. This post is updated monthly for the new months schedule. Please note that Watopia is always available as the main world.

January 2022 Zwift Course Schedule

Jan 1stYorkshire/InnsbruckJan 17thFrance/Paris
Jan 2ndYorkshire/InnsbruckJan 18thMakuri Islands/NYC
Jan 3rdFrance/ParisJan 19thMakuri Islands/NYC
Jan 4thRichmond/LondonJan 20thMakuri Islands/NYC
Jan 5thRichmond/LondonJan 21stInnsbruck/Richmond
Jan 6thRichmond/LondonJan 22ndYorkshire/Innsbruck
Jan 7thInnsbruck/RichmondJan 23rdLondon/Yorkshire
Jan 8thMakuri Islands/NYCJan 24thLondon/Yorkshire
Jan 9thMakuri Islands/NYCJan 25thRichmond/London
Jan 10thMakuri Islands/NYCJan 26thRichmond/London
Jan 11thLondon/YorkshireJan 27thRichmond/London
Jan 12thLondon/YorkshireJan 28thFrance/Paris
Jan 13thLondon/YorkshireJan 29thFrance/Paris
Jan 14thYorkshire/InnsbruckJan 30thInnsbruck/Richmond
Jan 15thRichmond/LondonJan 31stInnsbruck/Richmond
Jan 16thFrance/Paris

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Zwift Hardware/Trainers Sneak Peak

Zwift recently released a survey to some users that had details about their upcoming hardware(smart bike and direct drive trainer). Here is a brief overview of the hardware teased in the survey.

Zwift Direct Drive Trainer(Zwift Wheel)

Zwift is also developing a direct drive trainer, similar to the Tacx Neo 2T and the Wahoo Kickr in terms of specs. This trainer is called the Zwift wheel for a reason, it’s literally shaped as a wheel. Similar to the Zwift ride, the Zwift wheel also has LED lights on the rims of the wheel. The unique thing about the Zwift wheel is that you can actually transform it into the Zwift ride by adding the other parts together(more on that when more details are out).

  • Power Accuracy: +/-1% // Very accurate, matches the accuracy of trainers in that price range(Tacx Neo 2T and Wahoo Kickr)
  • Peak Power: 2200W // Not that many riders can hit that power, but very similar with other trainers.
  • Max Simulated Incline of 25% // Same as Tacx Neo 2T, only 1-2 spots that hit that steep, which is why not many other trainers go up that high.
  • Downhill Simulation // A feature that is seen on the Tacx Neo 2T(The feature is nice, but can be annoying on long decents like Alpe Du Zwift and Ven-top.
  • Road surface simulation // Only other trainer that features this is the Tacx Neo 2T(I personally really like the road feel feature)
  • Braking, Steering, and Game Controls // Seems like a pretty cool feature, especially in races if game controls include turning power ups on. Braking?!?!?
  • Virtual Gear Shifting // The ability to choose any gearset(12 spd, 11 spd, etc), more about this in this article by Zwift Insider.
  • Immersive Lighting // Lighting that reflects things in game(kinda similar to Tacx Neo 2T, but Tacx is just based off of your power output)

Zwift smart bike(Zwift Ride)

The interesting thing about the design of the Zwift ride is that it is actually shaped and designed to look sort of like a Tron bike. The specs/features for the Zwift Ride are very similar to the Zwift Wheel, the main difference just that it’s a full on smart bike.

Additional Zwift ride features/specs(mostly just dimensions and rider compatibility, specs for this similar with other smart bikes).

  • Minimum user height of 5′ (152cm), maximum height of 6′ 4″ (193cm)
  • Dimensions: 5′ 5″ x 2′ 4″ (165x71cm)
  • Vertically storable // Something that most smart bikes don’t feature
  • Adjustability: handlebar position, seat position, and crank length are all adjustable // Same with most smart bikes

My thoughts

I think that this is a pretty good move from Zwift, since when riders are looking to do indoor training, they are likely to buy a trainer from the creators of the app. Especially because of all the specs of the trainers. The features(game controls, virtual gearing, steering, braking, accuracy) all sound very tempting for me, but the design is kinda ugly in my opinion(not that most smart trainers look cool…).

5 Most Competitive Races on Zwift

Looking to gain the ranks on the Zwift Power rankings? This is a list of the most competitive races on Zwift. This may vary depending on which category you are racing, but this is based off of data from A and B category races.

1. Zwift Racing League

Zwift Racing League takes place every few months, and lasts for aorund 8 weeks. This is easily the most competitive racing series for community riders, from A cat riders all the way to D. This series also gets lots of coverage from Zwift Community Live YouTube channel, where they commentate on the races and the riders. For more details on this series, head over to the WTRL site:

2. KISS 100 Race Series

The KISS 100 race series is more popular among the A category riders and B category riders, as 100km is a very long time to be on a trainer, especially while racing. Zwift Power scores are often in the very low 70’s for the A category winner, because it is where the top riders go to race. The B category can see scores in the low 100’s, which is still extremely good.

3. TFC Mad Monday

The TFC Mad Monday series is highly competitive, and has a very popular format among riders. The series uses A cat, then an A+ cat for riders in the upper end of the category. This is very helpful for riders who are new to a category. This race series is also very strict, which competitive racers love as there are far less “sandbaggers”. TFC runs a couple different time zones, Europe and America. For more details and registration, head over to this page:

4. OH CRIT Double Race

These are two relatively short Crit races, and they are back to back races, so as soon as you finish the first race, you’ll head over to the pen to start warming up for the next. These events are on Thursdays, and have a mid morning time for PST, and around noon PST. The series is very competitive for A, B and C category riders, and a very high paced race. For sign up follow this link:

5. MIDWEEK Winter Series by SZR

This is a very competitive series, and like the TFC Mad Monday series, SZR runs both a High and Low race, so the race suits both beginners and experts of each category. This race is not the most competitive for A category riders, but B, C, and even D are highly competitive, and you will definitely see a Zwift Power score increase. For sign up follow this link:

Lightweight rider getting Anti-Sandbagging DQ? Here’s a Solution

In an article that I wrote a while back, I wrote about lightweight riders getting disqualified from the Anti-Sandbagging tool. To read that article, head to this link:

Crit City Bell Lap

After doing lots of research about the Anti-Sandbagging feature, I found that the Anti-Sandbagging tool is largely based off of 1-5 minute power, which is why you sometimes see riders way above category limits. The Bell Lap does not feature any climbs, so if you hold a pretty steady power, then the Anti-Sandbagging feature likely will not detect your high wpk. This strategy will likely only work for Crit City bell lap, and not downtown dolphin because downtown dolphin has a short hard climb that will impact your 1 minute power. I have tried this 3 times, and so far I have only gotten a DQ once, which was in the final sprint.

Watch this video to see me try and use my strategy, my 5 minute max was pretty low at 4.9 wpk. I did have to do a few surges, but that is expected with attacks, power ups, etc.