Zwift Neokyo Badge Hunt Series

Background Information

Beginning November 29nd, Zwift will be hosting the Neokyo badge hunt series. Similar to what they did with the Yumezi release, but this time with 4 stages, 4 different routes, 4 badges, and some sweet new unlocks.


The biggest thing that is different about the Neokyo edition of the badge hunt series is the unlocks. Riders will unlock different pieces of equipment if they complete a certain percent of the events. The unlocks include a helmet, socks, shoes, and a kit. All of these items are Neokyo themed. Here is a chart of what you unlock at what percent. This event ends on the 19th of December, the 15th through 19th will be make up days, be sure to get your rides in to get the unlocks!

25% – Kit

50% – Shoes

100% – Helmet


Here are the routes that will be in the event.

Sign up

To sign up for the events, you can sign up in the drop in screen or from completing any of the events. For a complete list of the events, head over to this page:

Zwift WEDU Wednesday

Every Wednesday Lance Armstrong will be leading a group ride called WEDU Wednesday. You will get the chance to ride alongside Lance Armstrong, and unlock the WEDU Wednesday kit. To sign up for the events, head over to this link:

I have not participated in this event, but the pace is around 2-3wpk and it is an hour long. In the past two events there have been over 1500 riders participating in the event.

How You Can Qualify For the Zwift UCI Esports World Championships 2022 // Zwift Companion Update

UCI E-Sports Qualification

Zwift has just released some more information on qualification for the 2022 UCI E-sports event that will take place in February. In order to qualify to the qualification event, you must be some of the top riders in your country. This event is technically open to the community, but 99% of riders will not even be able to participate in the qualification event. What would be great to see is an open to race riders of all abilities, the winner could get a special jersey, but not necessarily the UCI jersey. For details on qualification, head over to the WTRL page: For additional details, head over to this Zwift article:

Zwift Companion Update

Zwift also just dropped a game release for Zwift companion. There was nothing notable in this update, all that was included in release notes was Bug Fixes and Improvements. I did notice one thing, when in the ride mode, the background theme is now grey rather than light blue. Zwift also likely added the new routes and route map for Neokyo, which should drop next week ~10th of November. Zwift has also been working on the clubs feature, so updated UI for clubs could have been released. For more details on the upcoming game release, subscribe to the blog to be notified as soon as the article is published! For more information on Neokyo, head over to the attached article! Notice anything else? Leave a comment below with what you noticed!

Could Zwift France See an Expansion Soon?

Zwift just released a teaser for the new roads in Makuri Islands, and in the comments, some users were asking whether Zwift will be adding some new roads to France soon, and Zwift replied with, “One step at a time”. Could this be a clue that France will see an expansion soon?

If Zwift does decide to expand France, I think that it is very likely that they do one of the Tour De France Femmes routes, as Zwift is partnering with the event. This could be for a virtual edition open to the community. This is just a possibility, there are no firm answers. If Zwift does decide to do this, it would most likely be released summer of 2022.

Thanks for reading! Here is the post with the teaser for Makuri Islands

Zwift Ride with Reggie

This weekend, former professional basketball player Reggie Miller will be leading a group ride to help raise money for the development of cycling at historically Black colleges. Join him on Saturday at 7am PST. His goal is also to set the record for the largest group ride ever on Zwift. So far there are over 1,500 riders signed up for this event. Everyone will be on the new Moots Vamoots 2021 for this ride.

Once you finish the ride you will unlock the exclusive Castelli RWR kit, and you will have the option to purchase the IRL one. There will also be prizes from ENVE, Moots, Kask, Fizik, and Castelli.

This route will take place over three laps of the UCI Richmond worlds course. It is 30.6 miles with 1,562 FT of climbing. This ride will be at a conversational pace, so it is not a race.

To sign up for this event, head over to this link:

For more information on Reggie Miller, head over to this link:

For route details head over to this Zwift Insider article:

17 Hours of Kona Zwift

Zwift did this event last year too because of Covid. This event features 17 different triathletes who will lead a group ride each hour for 17 hours of the day. There will then be a 9 hour run portion where triathletes will lead a group run. The reason why it is 17 hours of Kona is because 17 hours is the cut off for the race. This event takes place on the 8th of October until the 10th. Kona is the full distance IronMan World Championships, it is very well known among triathletes, and a huge achievement to participate in the event. For a complete schedule of the events, and who is riding when, head over to this article:

Zwift Absa Cape Epic 2021

Zwift has just announced that there will be an Absa Cape Epic event again. This is a yearly event that is mainly on gravel, but there is some road. There will be 8 different parts of the series that take place from October 4th – October 17th. This event helps raise money to donate to help kids get to school, participate in sports, and have better job opportunities. For each of the 8 parts there will be a Zwift Power up podcast featuring cyclists such as Victor Campenaerts, Doug Ryder, Kevin Vermaak (Founder of the Absa Cape Epic), Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, Nic Dlamini. Some of the events will be on mountain bikes. and others will be on Qhubeka Buffalo bikes. The unlock on this ride is the latest Absa Cape Epic kit, all you have to do is complete any of the events. Cape Epic, the people behind this event, have also put together a promo video. The stages are relatively short, around 5-12 miles without lead in, the max of 16 miles with lead in I believe. It is not a race, it is a ride at your own pace, it will likely be a pretty big event, so there will probably be groups spread out throughout the course.

Thanks for reading, and for a complete list of all of the Absa Cape Epic events, head over to this link:

How to create a Meetup on Zwift

     Many cycling clubs also train/ride on Zwift. Since Zwift has not fully rolled out their clubs feature, cycling teams and clubs have to use the meetups feature to create a group ride/race. The meetup function is great for smaller group rides, but is not ideal for races. Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can create a meetup.

    First, be sure that you have the Zwift companion app installed, also be sure that all of the riders are following you. In order to invite riders they must be following you. To get started creating a meetup, just click the events tab, meetups tab, and hit create meetup. It is that simple!

    Once you hit create meetup, you will have all sorts of different setting that you can change, the time, date, world, route, distance/duration, meetup settings, and a meetup message. To change the setting around just tap the setting you want to change and you will be able to scroll or click a different option. Every world and route is open except for event only routes/worlds. You can also switch so that you are creating a run meetup, which has the same settings.

    The last thing that you will need to do is select who you want to invite. You can invite up to 100 riders other than yourself. You can only choose from the riders that are following you. Then, hit create meetup! Up until 5 minutes before the event starts, you can edit the details. 

    In order to have the most riders possible, contact the riders and let them know that the ride is happening so that they know to check their companion app. Riders/runners will get a notification telling them that they have been invited to a meetup. You can also comment on their activities or use other forms of communication to let them know that you want to ride! Thanks for reading and ride on!