Zwift Announces Numerous Game Changes

Through the forums, Zwift announced a few new changed to the game. These changes are all on the client side of things, so will not require a new game release. The December release should be released around the 15th-20th of December if they follow the schedule, holiday decorations should be up soon too.

“Save Your Ride Locally” Feature

This is a very important feature in case your upload takes a long time when uploading in case internet is lost(or other technical difficulties like that. This new feature will ensure that all rides save properly. The way that this feature works is if your ride does not finish saving after 15 seconds, the ride will be saved onto your device, and finish uploading once a stable connection is established. The ride will then save normally, and upload to Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, etc. This feature however will not upload your screenshots, and will not work if your device crashes. You can check to see if your activity uploaded by checking, or the companion app. The feature is slowly being rolled out this week, with a complete roll out in the next few weeks. To discuss this topic, head over to the forums post:

Gif of the new feature in action from the forums post

Leaderboards Performance Updates

This is not really a new feature, just an update to how the leaderboard works. This will not affect times and how your time is calculated. These changes are to make the game run smoother and ensure that Zwifter’s have the best experience possible. The leaderboards will now show up like this, first you will see the leader for the segment, then you will see an incomplete leaderboard a few seconds later, and then after another few moments the full leaderboard will show up. To discuss this topic, head over to the forums post:

Changes To Device Compatibility

This is one of the bigger changes that will be made. In order to help the game run smoother, Zwift will be changing the minimum requirements to run the Zwift app. Users on the old platforms will no longer be able to use Zwift once this change is made. Zwift is also removing the Zwift app and companion app from the Apple watch app store because Zwift acknowledges that the app isn’t complete, and needs some work. These are the new requirements that will be enforced.

  • macOSX 10.2 +
  • iOS 12 +
  • Android +
  • Windows 10 +

MacOS, iOS, and Android minimum requirement changes will happen with the December game release.
Win7 & Win8 minimum requirements will be made the month after in the January game release. Here is a link to the forums post:

Re-designed home-screen + clubs

Zwift is planning their re-designed home-screen for December, if everything goes on schedule, the update to the home-screen will have a limited roll out beginning in December, with a complete roll out in early 2022. Zwift also plans to release clubs publicly around January 2022.

A Recap of The Last 6 Months on Zwift

Indoor training season is going to start again. Here is everything you missed while enjoying the nice weather and fresh air. The past few months on Zwift have been pretty calm, but expect that to change in just under a week…

April – Zwift update 1.12

The April update contained a pretty minor feature, the ability to turn the HUD on and off, so you can really soak in the scenery in Zwift. This can also make for a more exciting race experience. The update also included the Zipp 353’s and the Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc. To read more head over to this link:

May – Zwift update 1.13

This was a major update that included a whole new world! This was by far some of the best work that Zwift has done, but this could change with the new Neokyo expansion release. The new world included 8 routes, which were all relatively short. Yumezi features a more rural countryside, while Neokyo represents more of a city. To learn more about the Makuri Islands, head over to this article:

June – Zwift update 1.14

Zwift introduced a much wanted badge hunting feature that would allow you to see which routes you have completed and which routes you haven’t completed from the route selection screen. Zwift would also later add a route progress bar to indicate how much of the route you have remaining. Zwift also gave the ability to create meet ups in Yumezi. Kickr bike steering was also introduced, which was broken that same day. It was fixed in a quick patch around a week later. For more information on this update, head over to this article:

July – Zwift update 1.15

Zwift introduced two new routes in Makuri Islands, Suki’s Playground, and Kappa Quest Reverse. Zwift also introduced numerous new frames and wheelsets to the game. These new equipment include, the Pinarello Dogma F, Specialized Aethos, and the Roval Alpenist CLX. Zwift also added a few new workouts to the workout folders. For more information on the update, head over to this article:

August – Zwift update 1.16

Zwift introduced two more new routes, Farmland loop, and Valley to Mountaintop. These were also pretty short routes, and the update did not include any new roads. The update also added a progress bar when doing a route. Zwift later added remaining distance to the progress bar. Zwift also introduced tons of new bikes, and two of the items would be the fastest. Here is a list of the new bikes introduced.

The new frames were:

Van Rysel EDR CF – 326,600 drops – Level 12

Canyon Ultimate CFR – 639,000 drops – Level 19

BMC Roadmachine – 780,900 drops – Level 21

Scott Addict RC – 852,000 drops – Level 33 – Best all arounder

Cervelo S5(updated version) – 852,000 drops – Level 27 – Fastest bike on flats/rolling

The new wheels were:

Cadex 65 wheelset – 241,000 drops – Level 8

Cadex 42 wheelset – 227,200 drops – Level 21

DT Swiss Disc wheel – 1,579,800 drops – Level 42 – Fastest wheelset on flats/rolling

For more information on the update, head over to this article:

September – Zwift update 1.17

This was a very minor update. The update contained the new Shimano Dura-Ace, remaining distance to the route progress bar, and two new wheels. Zwift also addressed many bugs that were released in the update, while releasing a few more while doing so. Zwift also added support for the new Apple TV remote, which made navigating Zwift easier for Apple TV users. For more information on that update, head over to this article:

October – Zwift update 1.18

The October update was kind of like the calm before the storm, except the storm was a good thing… Zwift added two new frames to the drop shop, and a few new workouts. Zwift also released some bugs, that they later stomped. For more information on that update, head over to this article:

November – Zwift update 1.19

This update is supposed to include a new expansion to the Makuri Islands, Neokyo. Check back soon for more details.

Could Zwift France See an Expansion Soon?

Zwift just released a teaser for the new roads in Makuri Islands, and in the comments, some users were asking whether Zwift will be adding some new roads to France soon, and Zwift replied with, “One step at a time”. Could this be a clue that France will see an expansion soon?

If Zwift does decide to expand France, I think that it is very likely that they do one of the Tour De France Femmes routes, as Zwift is partnering with the event. This could be for a virtual edition open to the community. This is just a possibility, there are no firm answers. If Zwift does decide to do this, it would most likely be released summer of 2022.

Thanks for reading! Here is the post with the teaser for Makuri Islands

All About Neokyo Makuri Islands


Here is everything we know about Neokyo. Zwift’s latest addition to Makuri Islands is called Neokyo, based off of Tokyo. This addition was added in the November monthly release. The world of full of fast flat neon roads, with a new setting where it is always dark, no matter what time of day. There are 8 new routes in this section. Some of the new routes will be in Neokyo and Yumezi, which will make for some longer routes. This new section features 13 miles of new road. Neokyo will be available for meetups starting the 15th, and event organizers will be able to schedule events in Neokyo shortly after. Neokyo will connect to Yumezi via a pretty short tunnel. One thing that I have noticed about Yumezi and Neokyo, is that they both have lots of very sharp turns throughout the route.

Zwift just released another teaser for this new expansion, which makes it look more like a retro kind of Tokyo, not like modern day. Zwift also released a Zwift Companion update that contained the map for Neokyo, which can be now seem when riding in the Makuri Islands. Based off of the comments on the post, it seems as if Zwift is also working on some new roads in France, maybe an expansion for a virtual edition of the Tour De France Femmes?

The Neokyo section of the Makuri Islands

Eric Min, Zwift’s CEO just did a ride in Neokyo today. There are four segments, three sprints, and a KOM. The KOM is a small short KOM, and the sprints are around 10-30 seconds long.


Here are images with details of all of the routes. Images will be added once the routes are released. Most of the routes are fairly short, around 10km ish, with some that are longer. It looks like most of the roads are flat, maybe with a small KOM. It also looks as if there are a few sprints too. The routes look like they are very detailed and very well designed, based off the images, some of the best we have seen from Zwift, which makes up for the small amount of roads. Neokyo is fairly flat, with maybe a few small climbs, making for very fast courses. Check back soon for individual articles for each of the routes.

Individual Route posts

My thoughts

Based off of the images, I think that this is a pretty well designed world, and I can’t wait to ride in it. I think that this is one of those worlds where turning the HUD off will make the ride experience a lot better. I think that if the world is as well designed as parts of Yumezi, then that will make up for the lack of roads. I would expect to see more routes added in the coming months, like what we saw with Yumezi, and then new roads added in around 6 months. Maybe Mt. Fuji? Or even Mt. Zuji, we will have to wait to find out!

It’s Halloween on Zwift!

Note: This was a limited edition event and the Halloween fun is now gone, they will be back next year! Just a few hours ago Zwift added some new Halloween pace partners. There are three new pace partners, Mecha Masher, Darwin Dino, and Carly Cyclosaurus. Carly is paced at 2.5wpk, Mecha is paced at 1.3, and Darwin is at 1.2. Instead of getting drops from the progress bar, you will get pieces of the costume. The progress bar seems to move slower than usual, but this may be intentional. However, after the 31st of October, you will not get to keep these costumes. The usual pace partners are up, but keep an eye out for other spooky surprises. I have already noticed lightening in Watopia. Unlike last year, I do not think that the paces will be fluctuating. Last year there were also issues with the pace partners u turning randomly, I haven’t noticed that at all this year. Leave a comment below with what you find! Here are some images.

Zwift Bug Patch 1.18.1

Zwift has just dropped another update fixing two crucial bugs. This update is currently out on all platforms. One of the bugs is when you enter the pairing screen, your speed stays the same, allowing riders to cheat. The other bug that was fixed was some riders were having issues logging onto the game on Mac. These two bugs were both released in update 1.18, which went live yesterday. For more information on that update, head over to this article:

Zwift Plans Neokyo Release

Zwift’s Yumezi Makuri Islands were released back in May, in just 1 month it is confirmed that we will be getting a new section of Yumezi. This is more of a modern Tokyo, while the Makuri Islands is a more rural area. The new section will be released in November, and for the first time, the world will be in night only mode, so it will be dark 24/7. The streets will also have the wet look, making the design look even better. Update: Neokyo is likely to be released on the 10th of November. For details use code Neokyo:!

This is very exciting news and I can’t wait for this new section to be released. Zwift has said that this will eventually be bigger than Watopia. The new section will be around 17 miles of road. Some of the roads may include Makuri Islands and Neokyo, which could make some pretty long routes!

For now, we can only look at the new map, but in less than a month we will be able to ride it. Thanks for reading!

Zwift October Update 1.18

Note: Zwift just dropped a quick bug fix(version 1.18.1) addressing two major bugs, head over to this post for information on that.


Update your games! Zwift Update 1.18 available for download on all platforms. Zwift has just dropped a new game release that addresses quite a few bugs, and brings a few new things. This update is kind of like “the calm before the storm.” Next month there is supposed to be some new roads coming out in Yumezi, called Neokyo, New Tokyo. Zwift has also added two new bikes, the Liv Langma SL Advanced Disc and Moots Vamoots RCS. The new Liv bike costs the same as its previous model, but it is one star more aerodynamic. This is the first Moots that we have seen in Zwift, both new bikes are equipped with the new Shimano Dura-Ace, it is two stars for aero and weight, so I would not expect it to be a very high performer. The Moots is pretty high priced at 852,000 drops, so I would recommend saving your drops, or spending them elsewhere. Zwift has also added 12 new Le Col workouts, these workouts will be available on November 1 2021. As usual, new workouts of the weeks have also been added. For more information about the Yumezi expansion that is scheduled for next month, head over to this article:

Bug fixes and improvements

Here is a complete list of bug fixes and improvements from the Zwift Forums post.

  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause long straight lines to appear on the map during route selection.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a crash when returning to the home screen after ending an activity on PC and Mac.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Zwifters to be unable to use their phone as a steering device on Repack Ridge.
  • Fixed an issue which caused dialogue to go missing on the first ride tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where gravity would play favorites with some lucky Zwifters, giving them the power of flight. Since Zwift is not a flight simulator (yet?!), we had to put a stop to that.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a delay in the Pace Partners appearing in the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue where pedal assist would not activate when joining a Pace Partner in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Zwifters to do a quick u-turn on a route and get the achievement for the reverse version of their current route.
  • Fixed an issue where Bluetooth devices could not be detected for Zwifters running MacOS Monterey.


Here are some images of the new content released in this update.

Initial thoughts

Overall I think that this is a good update because there were a few new things added which is always great to see. I am a bit disappointed that we haven’t heard anything new about the pack dynamics 3.0, as from the videos it looks much better than the current draft. If it weren’t for the new roads coming in the next update, I would probably be a bit disappointed. Zwift has a lot of new things planned for the coming months, including a home screen UI update. For more details on the home screen UI, head over to this Zwift Insider post:

1 week later…

Bugs list

Here is a complete list of bugs that were “released” in Zwift update 1.18. This section will be updated frequently as more bugs are discovered and reported.

Zwift September Update Released (1.17)


This update addresses many bugs and issues that were released in the previous version, 1.16. This update also contains an update to the baseline rides so that you know exactly where segments start. There will be an arch/banner at the start of each of the segments on the Baseline and Finish line rides. This is a great update to see because I know that a lot of beginners had a hard to knowing where the starts and finishes of each segment were. Zwift has also added the remaining distance to the route progress bar which makes a huge difference. This feature is now a lot better than it formally was. Zwift has also added the new Shimano Dura-Ace, instead of having the old silver Shimano Dura – Ace. The Specialized Tarmac SL7, Canyon Aeroad, and Pinarello Dogma F were the only bikes updated to the new components. Zwift says that it does not affect the speed of the bike. There were no new features added in this update which is slightly disappointing, but this does have some good minor changes. I wouldn’t expect any of the new wheels to be any new fastests, but Zwift Insider is running tests on them. Zwift has also added support for the new Apple TV remote! Zwift did not include information on it in the release notes but Shane Miller GPLama just released a new video on it. You can now use the swipe and click buttons to do almost everything on the Apple TV 4K 2021. Head over to his YouTube video for more information:

Bug fixes and improvements

Here is the list of bug fixes and minor improvements from the Forums post.

  • Fixed an issue where some events would not properly show the lead in text in the event progress bar.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a Zwifter to be misrouted on the Mega Pretzel route in a Meetup.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Sterzo device users to get a second update prompt after completing a device update.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the Velonews kit not to properly unlock or appear in the garage.
  • Fixed an issue for Zwift Academy Road Baseline & Finish Line Rides which caused segment distance markets to appear in the incorrect place. Segments now start and end with Zwift Academy arches.


Here are some images of the content added in the update

Initial thoughts

The updates to Zwift academy are great for new riders who don’t know the game as well, it is definitely a welcome change. When the route progress bar was released I really wanted them to add the remaining distance, Zwift has added it in this update which is great to hear.

1 week later..

So far there have not been too many bugs reported in this update, which is great to hear. But the few bugs are pretty major. The route progress bar disappearance is pretty annoying since Zwift improved it a lot in this update. I have read that there is some new tarmac coming soon, maybe an expansion to Makuri Islands? Zwift also should be building in Pace Partners to the game soon. Currently pace partners are manually controlled by someone, which is why they have to take some breaks throughout the day. Fingers crossed that we get some new features in the next update.

Bugs list

Here is a complete list of the bugs that were “released” in this update:

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this article interesting/useful. This post will be updated as new bugs arise. There is currently no new news about the new draft but I will release a separate post on when test rides will be available once I have information.

Minor Zwift changes this week // Update 1.16.2 // Zwift Academy Baseline Rides updates // and more!

This is the second bug fix that Zwift has released for this update. In this update Zwift has made a few tiny changes. Here are the three bugs that were addressed in this update. Zwift has also announced that they will be disabling power ups today for the remainder of the Zwift Academy Baseline rides and Finish Line rides.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented some users from being able to pair a controllable smart trainer on subsequent sessions without closing the app first.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cervelo S5 2020 having incorrect aerodynamic values. Why can’t Zwift just get the Aero values right the first time? There goes my 852,000 drops…
  • Fixed an issue which caused the new Garmin kit to replace the original Tacx kit.

Zwift also will be testing out the new pack dynamics in the Zwift HQ futureworks races. I did not get a chance to test it out because of school, but I have heard that the rides have gone smoothly. More information on that should be out soon…