How To Get The Holiday Kit on Zwift

You may have seen riders riding around Zwift with a Christmas theme cycling kit last year. The Christmas kit should be available in the next few days, so keep your eyes open for holiday decorations! You also might have also noticed the decorations around Watopia(lights on the trees, maybe even Santa’s sleigh flying around). This is very easy to get, here is a video with instructions on how you can get it. Prefer to read? Click here.

Step by step

  • Go to your “garage”
  • Select jersey icon
  • Find the default Zwift jersey
  • Select the default Zwift and there you have it!

Zwift Adds Pace Partners in Makuri Islands

Zwift has just added pace partners to Makuri Islands. The Watopia pace partners will still be in Watopia on their usual routes, so there are now two of each pace partner. Here are the routes for the new Makuri Islands pace partners. Their paces will remain the same as they currently are in Watopia.

A. Anquetil will ride Countryside Tour

B. Brevet will ride Chain Chomper

C. Cadence will ride Kappa Quest

D. Diesel Will ride Three Village Loop

It is great to see Zwift move pace partners to other worlds outside of Watopia, but it would be nice to see C Cadence on other routes that are flatter and in Neokyo like Flatland loop, Neon Flats, and Suki’s playground.

How You Can Qualify For the Zwift UCI Esports World Championships 2022 // Zwift Companion Update

UCI E-Sports Qualification

Zwift has just released some more information on qualification for the 2022 UCI E-sports event that will take place in February. In order to qualify to the qualification event, you must be some of the top riders in your country. This event is technically open to the community, but 99% of riders will not even be able to participate in the qualification event. What would be great to see is an open to race riders of all abilities, the winner could get a special jersey, but not necessarily the UCI jersey. For details on qualification, head over to the WTRL page: For additional details, head over to this Zwift article:

Zwift Companion Update

Zwift also just dropped a game release for Zwift companion. There was nothing notable in this update, all that was included in release notes was Bug Fixes and Improvements. I did notice one thing, when in the ride mode, the background theme is now grey rather than light blue. Zwift also likely added the new routes and route map for Neokyo, which should drop next week ~10th of November. Zwift has also been working on the clubs feature, so updated UI for clubs could have been released. For more details on the upcoming game release, subscribe to the blog to be notified as soon as the article is published! For more information on Neokyo, head over to the attached article! Notice anything else? Leave a comment below with what you noticed!

Could Zwift France See an Expansion Soon?

Zwift just released a teaser for the new roads in Makuri Islands, and in the comments, some users were asking whether Zwift will be adding some new roads to France soon, and Zwift replied with, “One step at a time”. Could this be a clue that France will see an expansion soon?

If Zwift does decide to expand France, I think that it is very likely that they do one of the Tour De France Femmes routes, as Zwift is partnering with the event. This could be for a virtual edition open to the community. This is just a possibility, there are no firm answers. If Zwift does decide to do this, it would most likely be released summer of 2022.

Thanks for reading! Here is the post with the teaser for Makuri Islands

All About Neokyo Makuri Islands


Here is everything we know about Neokyo. Zwift’s latest addition to Makuri Islands is called Neokyo, based off of Tokyo. This addition was added in the November monthly release. The world of full of fast flat neon roads, with a new setting where it is always dark, no matter what time of day. There are 8 new routes in this section. Some of the new routes will be in Neokyo and Yumezi, which will make for some longer routes. This new section features 13 miles of new road. Neokyo will be available for meetups starting the 15th, and event organizers will be able to schedule events in Neokyo shortly after. Neokyo will connect to Yumezi via a pretty short tunnel. One thing that I have noticed about Yumezi and Neokyo, is that they both have lots of very sharp turns throughout the route.

Zwift just released another teaser for this new expansion, which makes it look more like a retro kind of Tokyo, not like modern day. Zwift also released a Zwift Companion update that contained the map for Neokyo, which can be now seem when riding in the Makuri Islands. Based off of the comments on the post, it seems as if Zwift is also working on some new roads in France, maybe an expansion for a virtual edition of the Tour De France Femmes?

The Neokyo section of the Makuri Islands

Eric Min, Zwift’s CEO just did a ride in Neokyo today. There are four segments, three sprints, and a KOM. The KOM is a small short KOM, and the sprints are around 10-30 seconds long.


Here are images with details of all of the routes. Images will be added once the routes are released. Most of the routes are fairly short, around 10km ish, with some that are longer. It looks like most of the roads are flat, maybe with a small KOM. It also looks as if there are a few sprints too. The routes look like they are very detailed and very well designed, based off the images, some of the best we have seen from Zwift, which makes up for the small amount of roads. Neokyo is fairly flat, with maybe a few small climbs, making for very fast courses. Check back soon for individual articles for each of the routes.

Individual Route posts

My thoughts

Based off of the images, I think that this is a pretty well designed world, and I can’t wait to ride in it. I think that this is one of those worlds where turning the HUD off will make the ride experience a lot better. I think that if the world is as well designed as parts of Yumezi, then that will make up for the lack of roads. I would expect to see more routes added in the coming months, like what we saw with Yumezi, and then new roads added in around 6 months. Maybe Mt. Fuji? Or even Mt. Zuji, we will have to wait to find out!

Zwift Ride with Reggie

This weekend, former professional basketball player Reggie Miller will be leading a group ride to help raise money for the development of cycling at historically Black colleges. Join him on Saturday at 7am PST. His goal is also to set the record for the largest group ride ever on Zwift. So far there are over 1,500 riders signed up for this event. Everyone will be on the new Moots Vamoots 2021 for this ride.

Once you finish the ride you will unlock the exclusive Castelli RWR kit, and you will have the option to purchase the IRL one. There will also be prizes from ENVE, Moots, Kask, Fizik, and Castelli.

This route will take place over three laps of the UCI Richmond worlds course. It is 30.6 miles with 1,562 FT of climbing. This ride will be at a conversational pace, so it is not a race.

To sign up for this event, head over to this link:

For more information on Reggie Miller, head over to this link:

For route details head over to this Zwift Insider article:

Zwift Pack Dynamics 3.0


After numerous test rides, Zwift has just opened up pack dynamics 3.0 to the public. This update to the pack dynamics is supposed to make the group roll smoother, and have less of the riding through other riders. This also helps with “sticky draft” but does not completely eliminate it. However, Zwift has only released the new pack dynamics in London, and the other worlds will eventually get it once Zwift verifies that this is bug free. To ensure that you are using the latest pack dynamics, make sure you are on the latest version of the app. As of 10/28/21, that is update 1.18.1. Update: Pack dynamics are activated in all worlds currently. For those interested in learning about how this affects your speed, draft efficiency, and TTT’s, head over to this article that Zwift Insider put together:

The old pack dynamics

Here is a video of the “old” pack dynamics that are still being used in every world except London. See if you can notice the changes!

The test

Today I hopped onto a group ride in London to see what the pack dynamics were like. This was my first time with the new pack dynamics because I missed the test rides due to school. Zwift is aiming to make the draft more realistic like “a school of fish.” So far the pack dynamics are much smoother than previously and there is much less sticky draft. I found that it was much easier to move through the group, and it was easier for me to have a position in the middle of the pack, rather than always being dangling at the back. The pack dynamics have improved a ton since a few months ago. The updates are also supposed to make rider positions more accurate, so that everyone sees each other in the same position. I look forward to trying the pack dynamics more! Here is a video recording of the ride. So far I have done 2 group rides with the new pack dynamics and they have both been great. I did try a race with the new pack dynamics and this may not be related to the pack dynamics, but it was very hard to get a position in the lead group. This could have very well been because I am a average cat B and it was a mass start race with 500+ riders. My group ride experience has been great. There have been a few issues regarding using steering with the new pack dynamics enabled. This is an issue that Zwift is looking into.

How you can test it

The best way to test the new pack dynamics is to join a group ride in any of the worlds and see how it feels. You will still see a difference when just free riding, but it will not be as noticeable when there aren’t as many riders to draft behind. The new pack dynamics are currently only in Makuri Islands, London, and Watopia, but expect them to be rolled out to the other worlds once Zwift makes sure there are no issues.

To stay updated on the new pack dynamics, head to this forums post where you can catch up on all the latest comments about the pack dynamics: Notice any bugs? Leave a comment on the forums post to let Zwift know! Thanks for reading and enjoy the new pack dynamics!

It’s Halloween on Zwift!

Note: This was a limited edition event and the Halloween fun is now gone, they will be back next year! Just a few hours ago Zwift added some new Halloween pace partners. There are three new pace partners, Mecha Masher, Darwin Dino, and Carly Cyclosaurus. Carly is paced at 2.5wpk, Mecha is paced at 1.3, and Darwin is at 1.2. Instead of getting drops from the progress bar, you will get pieces of the costume. The progress bar seems to move slower than usual, but this may be intentional. However, after the 31st of October, you will not get to keep these costumes. The usual pace partners are up, but keep an eye out for other spooky surprises. I have already noticed lightening in Watopia. Unlike last year, I do not think that the paces will be fluctuating. Last year there were also issues with the pace partners u turning randomly, I haven’t noticed that at all this year. Leave a comment below with what you find! Here are some images.

Zwift Plans Neokyo Release

Zwift’s Yumezi Makuri Islands were released back in May, in just 1 month it is confirmed that we will be getting a new section of Yumezi. This is more of a modern Tokyo, while the Makuri Islands is a more rural area. The new section will be released in November, and for the first time, the world will be in night only mode, so it will be dark 24/7. The streets will also have the wet look, making the design look even better. Update: Neokyo is likely to be released on the 10th of November. For details use code Neokyo:!

This is very exciting news and I can’t wait for this new section to be released. Zwift has said that this will eventually be bigger than Watopia. The new section will be around 17 miles of road. Some of the roads may include Makuri Islands and Neokyo, which could make some pretty long routes!

For now, we can only look at the new map, but in less than a month we will be able to ride it. Thanks for reading!