Zwift Update May Released 1.25

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, with Android and iOS coming in the next few hours.


The 1.25 game release contained a few new things. One change that Zwift made was increasing the pedal assist time when joining a pace partner. This allows riders to have more time to ramp up their power to stay with the pace partners. There was not much added, but a few new things were announced. Zwift will be adding three new pace partners, one at 1.8wpk, 1.15 wpk, and 2.15 wpk. The goal of adding these pace partners was to fill the gaps between the current pace partners. The Neokyo pace partners will also be removed due to lack of popularity. Zwift added two new frames, the Scott Plasma RC and the Felt IA 2.0. Riders can also now start training plans on any day of the week. The new pace partners will be added on May 15th. Zwifters have also noted that there are some new pens at the top of Ven-Top, Alpe Du Zwift, and more. Could Zwift be adding downhill races? Zwift also added the Pride life guard tower permanently, more details can be found here:

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Forums release notes

Here are the release notes from the forums:

  • Watopia’s own KQOM radio station is hosting a familiar voice for your listening pleasure.
  • Fixed an issue impacting PowerUp probability for events with custom PowerUp settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing workout blocks to be missing if a workout is started without a power source paired.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some running workouts not to unlock on the correct day in a training plan.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the ride report to appear when the Zwifter starts a workout.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a Zwifter from advancing from the pairing screen after devices have been paired.
  • Fixed an issue causing bikes and riders to fly after completing Repack Ridge.
  • Fixed an issue causing event-specific bike overrides to remain after the event is over.
  • Fixed an issue causing segment leaderboards to exclude other riders in your meetup.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Pace Partner proximity UI to remain once riders were within range of the Pace Partner.
  • Fixed an issue causing cobblestone sounds to be a bit too loud.

Latest game version

The latest game version is 1.25 for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. For the very long game version on computers, head over to this link:



My thoughts

Overall I think that this was a pretty good game release. Over the past few releases, Zwift has been getting better and better at making sure the game releases are bug free. They still contain some bugs, but most are not as major as some of the bugs that we used to see in game releases. There was some good content added in this update, and I can’t wait to see some new roads in the Makuri Islands soon!

Zwift Offers Huge Discounts on Trainers and Accessories

Some may have noticed that Zwift has been offering huge discounts on hardware. Currently, the Tacx Neo 2T is on sale for over $400 off! Here is a recap of what is on sale on the Zwift US site.


Tacx Neo 2T – $910 instead of $1,399 // $489 off – Best deal you likely will ever see on this trainer, the Tacx Neo 2T is the best of the best.

Wahoo Kickr Core – $585 instead of $899 // $314 off – Probably the top mid-high end trainers out there.

Elite Directo XR – $650 instead of $999 // $349 off

Elite Suito-T – $520 instead of $799 // $279 off


Trainer Cassete – $26 instead of $40 // $14 off

Elite Steerzo Smart – $81.25 instead of 124.99 // $43.79 off

Zwift to Update Supported Devices

Starting in August(August 1st, 2022), Zwift will now require these operating systems in order to run Zwift or Zwift Companion.

On August 1st, Zwifters will not be able to use…

Android 7 and 8

iOS 12

MacOS 10.12 and 10.13

Zwift Companion…

Android 7 and 8

iOS 11 and 12

Why the change?

Zwift is going to make this change to the supported devices so that they can continue to make the game better and more developed. It is hard to game developers to make a game that supports devices that are 5-10+ years old. For the official forums thread on this subject, head over to this link:

Zwift Releases April 2022 Recap/Roadmap

Zwift has announced that they will be starting a monthly recap/roadmap of what users can expect in the next few months. The full post can be found here:

Zwift has made a few comments recently regarding their very popular pace partner feature. The feature went live around 2 years ago, and since it’s release a few developments have been made. In the next game release, Zwift will be increasing the amount of time that the pedal assist lasts. Zwift will also be adding additional paces, more details will be released soon.

Zwift is also going to release a game update sometime this week, likely on Tuesday or Wednesday(most likely Wednesday as it will not interfere with any major events).

AAPI Month on Zwift

Zwift have just announced that they will be hosting a series of events for AAPI Heritage Month(May). The events will last thru the whole month of May. The series will consists of rides with Zwift employees and are open to the community.


May 7th – Podcast rides/runs wth YC

May 14th – Group ride with Eric Min

May 21st – Group ride with Eric Chon

May 27th – Group ride with Alyssa Aoki


If you complete any event in this series(ride or run), you will unlock AAPI Heritage month socks.

Zwift Releases Clubs Update – Companion v.3.35

Zwift has just announced a bunch of new updates for clubs. These updates will be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks, similar to how the new home screen has been rolling out. The main features in this update include: clubs discovery, event only routes, and sharable club links. Images coming in the next few days.

Clubs discovery

The latest companion release now allows you to search, filter, and scroll through clubs. This makes finding clubs very easy for users. Zwift will also be removing the 100 rider limit and the three clubs limit in the near feature.

Sharable club links

You can now share your club link. This allows you to send links to people, and have them have the ability to join the club on a browser or companion app. In order to share event links, click the three dots in the top right hand corner, then share club.

Event only routes

The latest companion release allows you to use event only routes in your club rides, this includes routes like Bologna TT Lap, Watopia’s Waistband, and tons more. Note: Downtown Dolphin and Bologna TT lap will be added shortly.

The Zwift Cast Final Episode

A few weeks back, the Zwift Cast podcast announced that they will be concluding their podcast. This was the first Zwift related podcast to start, and likely the most followed Zwift related podcast. This latest episode covers Wahoo’s acquisition of RGT Cycling, and what that means for Zwift, the usual Zwift banter, some interviews with OG Zwifters, and a goodbye from the well known podcasters. Listen to the final episode as Simon, Shane, and Nathan bring the Zwift Cast podcast to a close.

The Final Zwiftcast: Zwift Vs Wahoo + all the Zwifty news and chat Zwiftcast

Simon, Shane and Nathan are together for the final time as the sun sets on the Zwiftcast. And they ask: Is Zwift’s Age of Dominance over? Wahoo surprised the whole indoor training sector with the bombshell announcement that it was buying RGT, for some time the only like-for-like competitor with Zwift. The Zwiftcasters consider several aspects of the deal . . . . will it spur the big Zee to greater urgency in its development of new features? What might it mean for the rumoured TrainerRoad deal? Could Wahoo’s undoubted power and expertise pose a serious threat to Zwift’s growth?  And does Zwift have the bandwidth to handle its first serious rival AND the launch of its own hardware? There is certainly plenty for the Zwiftcast Trinity to consider. Elsewhere Simon talks to a host of Zwift OGs . . . the Zwifters who were around right at the beginning, helping to build the community, establish racing and pioneer online coaching using the platform. Simon does “Where Are They Now?” spots with David Lipscombe, Julynn Washington, James Gill and Christian Wiedemann. All are still Zwifting and many have strong thoughts on what they’d like Zwift to be doing – and their words are given greater topicality and relevance by the Wahoo deal. Elsewhere, after the old Mining Town got nuked, then re-instated, Simon asks Shane and Nathan what else in Zwift they’d like to see nuked.  There’s also speculation around the new Gravel Mountain route and a final goodbye. Simon would like to thank each and every single Listener over the years and the scores of episodes, especially for the many private and public messages received after he announced that the Zwiftcast was riding up over the hill and into a slowly setting Spanish sun. Thanks for listening!
  1. The Final Zwiftcast: Zwift Vs Wahoo + all the Zwifty news and chat
  2. Ep 104: We go big on everything Zwifty – it’s Zwiftcast XL
  3. Ep 103: It’s all about the new things! Zwift Bike, Home Screen, Clubs and maybe Peak Zwift?
  4. Episode 102: Neokyo – The Verdict, plus all the Zwifty news and gossip
  5. Episode 101: Shiny New Things!

Wahoo Acquires RGT Cycling


Wahoo just announced earlier today that they have acquired RGT Cycling. A few years back, Wahoo bought Sufferfest, and rebranded it to Wahoo Systm. Wahoo have also announced a “Wahoo X” subscription, which includes a premium subscription to RGT and a subscription to Wahoo Systm. This makes things a lot more competitive with Zwift. RGT currently has extremely good e-sports racing, and Wahoo Systm has great training programs/workouts.

What does this mean for Zwift?

Zwift will definitely need to step up their game in order to compete with Wahoo, and this was a very smart move by Wahoo. Wahoo have also stated that they will be working on other areas that Zwift has failed to deliver( This means addressing the issues and features that Zwifters have requested.

What this means for current users

Current RGT premium or Wahoo Systm users will now have a Wahoo X subscription. For existing users, the price will remain the same until September of 2022, when the price will increase to $14.99(the same price a Zwift).

My thoughts

I personally think that a Wahoo X subscription is a great deal. You get full blown training platform and the second largest virtual cycling platform. It all depends on which platform is interesting to you, for a great side by side comparison of RGT and Zwift, head over to this article:

Zwift Insider Rebel Race Series Announced

Zwift Insider, the most popular place for Zwift news, tips, and tricks has just announced that they will be hosting their very own race series. The race series will take place on the new rebel routes that were added in-game a few updates ago. Each week, there will be a rebel recon ride on the Thursday of the race, then a race on the Saturday.


The race will have category enforcement enabled, no Zpower riders on Zwift Power results, HR required, and staggered starts. The races will take place at 12:10 am, 5:10 am, 10:10 am(times are in Pacific).


Complete any ride/race in the series to unlock the Zwift Insider in game kit!


May 7th – Downtown Titans

May 14th – Eastern Eight

May 21st – Seaside Sprint

May 28th – Three Little Sisters

June 4th – Triple Flat Loops

June 11th – Watopias Waistband

Upcoming events: Something to note here is that this will likely attract some pretty well ranked riders(probably one of the better races to join as it is outdoor riding season in most of the world).

Zwift to Update Zwift Power

Some Zwifters may have noticed that the style and look of Zwift Power is pretty outdated. Zwift has just announced that they will be updating the Zwift Power site. The update will go live on the 25th of April, Monday. The statistic settings location will change to secondary tool bar. The join event button will also be in a more visible location, and fonts/style will be changing to be more mordern.

Any feedback to the new look of Zwift Power can be added on this forums post: