Zwift Race Report // Sunday Crash By Rhino Racing

Today after getting disqualified from a Crit City race this morning, hopped onto a different race that I knew was competitive and fun. I also dual-recorded just for the fun of it, and saw pretty good results. I wasn’t expecting to be able to keep up with the group since it was a chase race, and the A cat riders normally catch the B’s, C’s, and D’s. The start of the race was really fast, but the group eventually settled into a steady rhythm of attacking on the climbs, and fast on the downhills. Almost every lap I nearly got dropped, and had to use my power-up to push back into the group. On the final lap I lost the tail of the group on the rolling hills before we hit the sprint(also the finish), and I had to use my power-up. I caught back up only to be dropped again, and I was passed by a few more riders in the finishing sprint. I ended up getting 38th, which is not back since I wasn’t expecting to stay with the group. I got a slight Zwift Power gain of 0.25, so it wasn’t much, but a gain is a gain. I also got a new FTP of 141w, which is a good 5 watt increase! Enjoy the video!

Zwift Race Report // Dairy Queened From B

Credit to my little brother who came up with the Dairy Queened term. About 6 months back I got disqualified from the C cat crit city races. Today I hopped on into a crit city race that had around 85 riders in it. The most I had raced was 30 riders… And I thought that was a lot. I was up for a challenge, and I even did a proper warm up with openers and all that stuff. In the first 5 minutes I was already a few bpm off of my max heart rate, and I was putting everything I had to keep up. On the 4th lap’s climb, I put on my power up to hang onto the group. I slowly got dropped so I pushed everything I had to catch back up. Then, the green cone of shame was next to my name. I got dairy queened… In those 10 minutes I had averaged around 5 wpk, which was about 1 wpk above the category limit, but I was barely hanging onto the group.

So was it a fair call by Zwift? Based off of their purely based wpk system, it was a fair call. But if you consider the fact that I am around 1/2 the weight of most of the riders, maybe even 1/3 the weight, it is an unfair call as I have to produce more wpk to keep up since 90% of the front group riders were pushing 300+ watts.

What do you think about this call? Was it fair? Let me know in the comments below.

Zwift Race Report // Racing A

Today I did a very short Zwift race, the Laguardia Super Sprint Race by 3R. The race was only 2.7 miles long, so it took around 5 minutes to complete. The race is a mass start race and there were around 60 riders in the race. Nearly a third of them were A cat riders. There were only a few riders in B, so I joined the A pen, since it really didn’t matter much. The A category was stacked, with two riders with a ranking in the low 80’s, and the rest with rankings around 100, they were some of the best of the best. The start of the race was pretty mellow, but I fell back a few times, and had to work very hard to catch back up. I wasn’t sure whether this was because of hte new pack dynamics, or the group was just faster. I managed to finally get a good spot in the group right before the finishing sprint, but by then I had nothing left. I came third to last in A, which is not bad since I am an average B cat rider who still gets dropped sometimes and Zwift Power classifies me as C because of my low power. What really surprised me were my WPK, I managed to average 170 watts, 5.3 WPK, which is the best I have done for that amount of time. I am pretty happy with the results, but I am going to stick with B for awhile. Here is a recording of the race. Enjoy!

Zwift Race Report // 3R Super Sprint Race

Today I did a quick race before I had to go to school, it was only a 5 minute race, and it had double draft, so double as good. I did a quick 5 minute warm up then headed to the start pens, the race had around 40 people, around 10-15 in B. The race started out hard, and since it was double draft, I could actually rest on the downhill, but I rested a bit too long and nearly got dropped. The rest of the race was pretty good, until the finishing part of the race, I put some energy into getting a better position for the final sprint, but I still wanted to save energy for the final sprint. I couldn’t really pass anyone so I started the sprint in the back of the pack, there was some sticky draft, then once we got over the small hill for before the 10 second sprint, I had nothing left to actually sprint. I finished 6th in B, which I think is pretty good, coming in around 4 seconds behind the leader. I think this race and crit city races are definitely some of my favorite Zwift races that I had done so far. Here is a video recording of the video, and please like and subscribe!

Zwift Race Report // Crit City

I have been doing a lot of Zwift racing recently, this morning I actually attempted to race but then got dropped, and didn’t have time to do a different race because of school. Today there wasn’t much homework so I decided to hop on and do a Crit Race. One rider that I follow was in the A group, then moved over to B, on Zwift Power he is a A cat, so I knew going into the race that there was a high chance that there would be some sandbagging. I was able to hold on to the group for the entire race, which was surprising because usually I get dropped around the last lap. There were also only 10 riders in the race. On the last lap there were a few attacks, and I used my power up on one of them, so I had no power up in the finishing sprint. In the final sprint the A cat rider went first and blew up the race, I got 7th, 3rd on Zwift Power, which is pretty good. Crit City is definitely my favorite course to race, which is why almost all of my races are on Crit City. Here is a video recording of the race.

Zwift Race Report // Crit City

Today I decided to do a Crit City race after getting my Flu-Shot at school. My arm was sore, which wasn’t ideal, but fortunately it did not really affect my power numbers. It was a bit harder to sprint, but other than that I am happy with my watts. The race had over 30 riders, the start was really fast, once the group settled into a pretty fast pace. On the KOM’s I could keep up, but it was pretty hard to stay with the group on the downhill. I managed to hold on until the final lap, then on the KOM I under-estimated how fast riders would be going up the KOM, I got out of the saddle and did around 9wpk, but the group drifted away. I hung on with a small pack till the finish but wasn’t able to out-sprint them. I finished 16th/32 which isn’t bad and averaged 4.4 wpk. I was a few watts off of new FTP, which is pretty good. This group of riders were really strong, one of them is actually a pro. I also got close to a new fastest time on Crit City, 20:55 for 8 laps. I got a video recording of the race, see the link below. Please subscribe to the channel! My goal is to get 100 subscribers!

Zwift Race Report // 3R Super Sprint Race

I have been doing a lot of racing on Zwift to get more experience racing in B. Today I decided to do a short race to finish off the week. I signed up for the 3R Super Sprint Race and noticed that it was now double draft. All categories started together, which meant I most likely had to keep up with the A cats too. I did a quick warm up then headed to the pens. 18 riders showed up. I knew I had to watch out at the start because it was on a downhill and I have been dropped many times from that specific descent. Double Draft helped a lot and I was able to hang onto the back of the group. At the start of the short steep hill near the finish, I knew I had to start sprinting or I would be dropped. Once I got over the top of the hill, another B category rider slowly passed me and I hung onto their wheel to the finish. 5th place(4th place on Zwift Power) was not bad at all and I got a recording of the race for you all to watch! Here is a link to the Zwift Power results:

Junior Crit Series Final Results

J Pinfold53:371st
A Bridges54:102nd
O Chi57:373rd
S Chi58:474th
E Blake58:515th
A Tyberghein1:00:367th
The default time given for riders who did not finish/participate in one of the events was 30 minutes. Congratulations to J Pinfold who won the Junior Crit Series! Stay tuned for more great events coming soon!

Zwift Tri Battle Royale Announced

Zwift has just announced that Lionel Sanders and Jan Frodeno will be going head to head on Zwift. Although they were not clear whether this was an IRL challenge or a virtual one, I assume it is on Zwift. The race will be “full distance”, not sure whether they mean 112 miles which is the IronMan bike distance. Sorry for the lack of details, more details will be released soon. There are workouts and group rides leading up to the event to prepare for it. Here is a link to the event series: Thanks for reading!

How to join Zwift’s Auto-Categorization test races

     Zwift just posted on the Forums that they are allowing the public to test the new Auto-Categorization feature. To join these events there are a few rules that you have to follow. These rules and stuff are better explained in this forums post: Basically the main rule is that you cannot copy and paste the private event links and send them to friends. Instead, give them this link: This is the link that all riders should use to join the event. There is something involving the link that makes the Auto-Categorization work. The events have not been created yet, which is why the Auto-Cat me button is not working, I will update the article when the links are ready. Be sure to be quick to sign up because there might be a limit to how many riders can join. There are 6 categories for men, and 5 for women. 

My thoughts

    The one thing I am slightly concerned about is that if there are 6 categories and not many riders signed up, then each category will not have many riders. Overall it is great to see that there is movement and action being taken on one of the biggest issues in Zwift racing. I tested the feature out last week and it placed me in Cat 2, which I am not sure is equivalent, higher, or lower than my existing category(B). The time that I did test it my legs were tired and I had just come off of 11 days of not much riding.