Zwift Offers Huge Discounts on Trainers and Accessories

Some may have noticed that Zwift has been offering huge discounts on hardware. Currently, the Tacx Neo 2T is on sale for over $400 off! Here is a recap of what is on sale on the Zwift US site.


Tacx Neo 2T – $910 instead of $1,399 // $489 off – Best deal you likely will ever see on this trainer, the Tacx Neo 2T is the best of the best.

Wahoo Kickr Core – $585 instead of $899 // $314 off – Probably the top mid-high end trainers out there.

Elite Directo XR – $650 instead of $999 // $349 off

Elite Suito-T – $520 instead of $799 // $279 off


Trainer Cassete – $26 instead of $40 // $14 off

Elite Steerzo Smart – $81.25 instead of 124.99 // $43.79 off

World of Zwift Episode 60

This weeks World of Zwift features the winner of the Zwift Academy Road 2021 – Maud Oudeman, and follows her on her first stage race of the racing season. Rahsaan Bahati and Matt Stephens talk about the ultimate Zwift set up, and Shayne Gaffney talks about the Gravel Grinder training plan in order to help people prep for the Giant Gravel Crushers!

Unlock Zwift Pizza Socks on March 14th and May 20th!

Update May 18th: Zwift will be hosting group rides and group runs for National Pizza Party Day. If you weren’t able to unlock the pizza socks on Pi Day, here is another opportunity for the socks to be unlocked. The routes will be the same as the previous events, Park Perimeter Loop. To browse all upcoming National Pizza Party Day rides/runs, head to this link:

Zwift is giving riders another chance to unlock the pizza socks that were used for the 10,000 calories back in 2020. The socks will be unlocked in these rides/runs for Pi Day. These are short rides/runs every 4 hours on the 14th of March(Pi Day).

The ride will take place on 1 lap of Park Perimeter Loop(appoximately 6 miles, 10km), more route details can be found on this post:

Pizza socks

The run will take place on 1 lap of Laguardia Loop(2.6 miles,4.4km). More route details can be found on this Zwift Insider post:

For a complete list of events, head over to this link:

Will Category Enforcement Put an End to Sand Bagging?

In the past few weeks Zwift have been testing their new Category Enforcement feature, where you will only see the categories that you fit the perameters in and above. Zwift was previously testing the auto cat feature, which did not always work, that idea was scrapped and category enforcement seems to be the better solution. Category enforcement in my opinion works really well. Especially for me, since if the race is really competitive in C, I would join C, if not I would join B. The category enforcement feature gives you to ability to race above your category, so if you fit the requirments of C, you can still join C,B, and A. So far it has been working extremely well, but is it enough to end sandbagging?

I think it will solve sand bagging, as sand bagging is when a rider in a higher category joins a lower one. But that is not the end of the racing issues in Zwift. Weight and height “doping” still remains a huge issue on Zwift. Zwift has likely ended sand bagging, but they have a few more issues to correct before the goal of fair racing is completed.

Zwift Bans Rider for Exposing Zwift Cheat

Over the past few days there has been a lot of discussion about a rider exposing a Zwift cheat publicly. The cheat that was exposed is the ability to change your weight while in a race/event through the companion app. This will change your weight in game after 20 seconds or so, and if you change your weight before the race finishes, Zwift Power will not register. Zwift has stated that they can see these changes on their server, so it not is undetectable.

The rider that was banned, Luciano Pollastri has received a 30 day shadow ban, which basically means that the rider will not be able to interact with other Zwifters and other Zwifters will not be able to interact with him/her. The ban does allow you to still ride on the app, just not participate in any events. Dozens of riders disagree with Zwift actions, and have started cancelling their subscriptions because of the way Zwift responded to this rider exposing the cheat, many have also added #freeluciano to their Zwift name to help show support for the rider. According to Cycling Tips, Zwift is working on a fix and should roll it out soon.

The reason why many are arguing over this is because of the way Zwift acted. I believe that emailing Zwift might not have actually done anything, which is why this rider decided to create a WordPress site and post on social media and Reddit. The cheat was also pointed out years ago and Zwift never addressed it. ZADA was notified of this bug but Zwift never took any action on it until now.

Here are some links to forums threads, articles, and more:

Cycling Tips:









Zwift Forums:

Zwift Insider:

How to Watch UCI E-Sport Championships

The UCI E-Sport Championships on Zwift will be tomorrow! Be sure to follow some of the riders and give them ride ons for encouragement. Don’t miss this event as it only comes once a year! The course for htis years race is 2.5 laps of the Knickerbocker course, ending atop the NYC KOM. The winner of the mens race and the winner of the womens race will recieve the official UCI E-sports World Championships kit on Zwift. Here is how you can watch it.

The easiest way to join in on the action is through the Zwift Youtube channel, they will be streaming it live on race day! Here is the stream:

Eurosport and GCN + will also be streaming the action live on their platforms. The event will begin at 18:00 GMT. There are also watch party rides where you can use the companion app to watch the action on your own device!

Wahoo Rollr Released

Here is a quick overview of the new Wahoo Rollr. The Wahoo Rollr was seen a couple months ago at an event warm up tent. Wahoo has now published a page for the new Wahoo Rollr. In my opinion, the Wahoo Rollr isn’t the best deal. Based off of the listing, it does not track power, so you have to pair it to a separate power meter in order to use it with an app like Zwift. It does have the ability to control resistance. Wahoo claims that the Wahoo Rollr has a +- 1% accuracy when paired to the Wahoo Powrlink Pedals(which makes sense because that is the accuracy of the pedals.) The main use of the Wahoo Rollr seems to be for the riders who want to bring Rollers to a race for warm up, cool down, etc.

For complete details on the Wahoo Rollr head over to this link:

Wahoo Powrlink Zero Pedals Details Leaked


REI has just put up their listing for the new Wahoo Powerlink Pedals that have been rumoured for awhile now. These are pretty much the current Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals with a power meter built into it. Like most pedal based power meters right now, there is a light up ring that connects with the crank. Based off of the listing, the Wahoo pedals will require calibration and a guided set up through the Wahoo Fitness app. Keep an eye out for an official listing from Wahoo here: Compared to other pedals like the Favero Assioma Duo, they are significantly more expensive, so they are in between the Favero Assioma Duos and the Garmin Vectors 3s.


Here are the specs for these new pedals:

Price – $900 USD Cheaper than the Garmin Vectors, more expensive than the Favero Assioma Duo

Weight – 276 g

Accuracy – +-1% Same accuracy of most power pedals these days

Battery life – 75 hours Less than Garmin Vectors, quite a bit more than the Favero Assiomas

In the box – 2 pedals, cleats, charging cables

Connectivity – Bluetooth, Ant+ Nothing special connectivity wise

Features: Dual sided power meter pedals with left and right power, tracks power, cadence. Same as most power pedals these days


Here is a link to the REI listing where details were found: Also a link to a slowtwitch forum thread about this: Keep an eye out for full details being released soon!

World of Zwift Episode 57

This weeks world of Zwift talks a lot about the upcoming UCI E-sport world championships on Zwift. The event takes place on the 26th of February, so be on the lookout for a live stream by Zwift on the 26th! There will be a course recon for Zwift Racing League, highlights from 2020’s race, and some interviews with Pro riders looking to win the event!