How To Get The Holiday Kit on Zwift

You may have seen riders riding around Zwift with a Christmas theme cycling kit last year. The Christmas kit should be available in the next few days, so keep your eyes open for holiday decorations! You also might have also noticed the decorations around Watopia(lights on the trees, maybe even Santa’s sleigh flying around). This is very easy to get, here is a video with instructions on how you can get it. Prefer to read? Click here.

Step by step

  • Go to your “garage”
  • Select jersey icon
  • Find the default Zwift jersey
  • Select the default Zwift and there you have it!

All about Yumezi, Makuri Islands

Background information

Zwift has just updated their page with more exciting information about Yumezi. This post will contain the future plans for Yumezi, my initial first ride impressions, and a video recording of this exciting new world. Here is Zwift’s updated page about the new world: Zwift also plans more new things for Yumezi in the future. Here is what Zwift has said about it so far, “Brand new roads. Same fast fun. Say hello to Yumezi, the tranquil countryside within the Makuri Islands. Inspired by a collective lifelong love of Japanese tradition and pop culture, this brand new world is primed for future expansion, with all-new routes and regions to come.”

This is directly from Zwift’s website. You can currently host events and meetups on all the courses so far. There are no event-only routes in this new world yet, but as more roads are added, I assume there will be some.

The design/details

This is one of the three villages currently in this world. Zwift obviously did an amazing job replicating a Japanese styled village, with the lanterns hanging and the architecture of the houses. Japan looks especially cool in the dark with a glowing Tron bike. If I reference Japan I mean the Makuri Islands.

The Cherry blossoms are definitely very well designed with some on the ground and as you pass by there are some falling from the trees. The Cherry blossoms are definitely something that attracts many tourists to Japan, except in Zwift, it is cherry blossom season all day and everyday.

What could be coming next?

This map definitely has a lot of potential with Mt. Fuji in the distance. I think that it is very likely that we will see more courses and some new roads added with Mt. Fuji later on in the year, these different expansions will likely be spaced out maybe one part every few months until the fall when things will start to settle down. Zwift does advertise this world as a place for competition which gives me a hint that there may be some more race courses released sometime soon. Originally everyone thought that we would be getting the Olympic course, but Zwift surprised us with something more unique. If Zwift does add Mt. Fuji, I highly doubt it will be the entire climb as it is over 3 times the height of Alpe Du Zwift. I think it could be the lower portion, or an entirely different climb as the Makuri Islands aren’t a real place in Japan.

The routes

Here are each of the routes.

My thoughts

After riding all of the routes in Yumezi, Makuri Islands, I think that this is one of the better designed worlds. The world kept me entertained throughout the whole ride even when I was supposed to be doing a Peloton workout(yes I do Peloton) I still got sidetracked by the scenery and the different sprints placed throughout the route. The sprints were generally around 10-15 seconds long which is perfect in my opinion, I tend to dislike sprints like the Fuego Flats sprint which is like 40 seconds long. I managed to get a video recording of me riding the new route but it was on the computer which is not the fastest so the video is a bit laggy. I think that I will definitely be riding this world pretty frequently, even the gravel part got me pretty interested even though I hate dirt roads in Zwift. Something that could be improved about this course is maybe a crit course around the Temple area(the area with all of the technical twists and turns). The castle climb is a good 5-10 minutes long depending on the speed. Overall I think that this is one of the best designed worlds with very detailed villages and landscapes. For now we can only look at Mt. Fuji but hopefully Zwift will add it in game so that we can crest the iconic climb. Here are some videos.

Zwift definitely has big plans for this world, and it is very likely that it could become bigger than Watopia once the world of fully expanded, but expanding the world will take time as it did with Watopia. I can’t wait to see more of the Makuri Islands, and I highly suggest you check it out!

Zwift Academy Make-Up Weeks

Missed a Zwift Academy recovery ride or base line ride? From October 11th through 25th there will be make up weeks, where you can do the first recovery ride, baseline ride, finish line ride, and the Zwift Academy workouts. As long as you finish the Zwift Academy workouts by the end of the make up week, the Zwift Academy workouts in the workout folder will still count towards the Academy.

There are two different Zwift Academy recovery rides, one was held on the Sand and Sequoia route, and the other was on the flatland loop route. To see which rides you have and have not completed, go to your Zwift Academy dashboard on the home page of the companion app, and the circles filled in, you have already completed. Unfortunately you can no longer register for Zwift Academy, but you can always do the workouts whenever you want!

Zwift Academy Tri is also starting on the 11th of October, for more information on that, head over to this article:

How to broadcast Zwift to a TV

    Broadcasting Zwift to a TV can be pretty simple. Zwift does not have a button that will directly cast the game to a TV. There are two ways that I know of that you can broadcast Zwift a TV, getting an Apple TV is also a way that you can use Zwift directly on a TV. If there are more ways, let me know in the comments and I will be sure to add it.

    The first way to do this is using the google home app with a google chromcast, one ofthese. The google home app if available in the app store and the google play store. Once you have it download, just setup your chromcast device by plugging it into your TV, then following the instructions here: Once you have completed that, all you have to do is chromcast your screen, open the Zwift app, then you are good to go!

    The second way is by using an HDMI adapter. These are available for USB-C, iPad Chargers, and most other chargers out there. You can find them on Amazon for a relatively good price. The setup is very easy. First, plug in the HDMI cord, then plug the HDMI cord into the HDMI adapter. Finally, make sure your TV is set to whatever HDMI the HDMI is plugged into, and open up the Zwift update.

Best Zwift Rides Under 30 Minutes

Here is are the three best Zwift rides that you can do that are under 30 minutes. Zwift has quite a few workouts now that are under 30 minutes, there are also quite a few races everyday that are around 20-30 minutes long. You may not think that 30 minutes is a long time, it isn’t, but you can do a lot in only 30 minutes!

One of the best rides that you can do in under 30 minutes, is Jon’s short mix. This workout has a little bit of everything, Sweet Spot, Sprints, VO2, all in one workout. This workout is 29 minutes long. It consists of a 5 minute warm up, then two all out 1 min efforts with 30 seconds of rest in between. Then there will be three 10 second sprints with a minute of rest in between. The workout will finish with 10 minutes at high Zone 3, then a three minute cool down. This workout was made by the Co-Founder at Zwift, Jon Mayfield.

The next best ride that you can do in under 30 minutes, is Vault. Vault is an over under workout, but the overs slowly increase, starting at Zone 5, peaking at high Zone 6, then going back down to Zone 5. The under part is just below Zone 4, so around sweet spot. This workout is 20 minutes long, and has 26 stress points. This workout will definitely make the most of your time. This workout can be found under the less than 30 minutes to burn section.

The final best ride under 30 minutes long is Miracle. I have done this workout before and it was absolutely brutal. This workout is made up of 2 sets of ramping 1 minute efforts, but in between each minute is a 15 second rest. The first minute will be Zone 4, the next will be Zone 5, then high Zone 5, and topping it out with 1 minute of free ride where you go as hard as you possibly can. You will then get 2 minutes of rest, and then you do it all again. This is a solid 20 minute workout that will definitely leave you sweating. This workout is also found in the less than 30 minutes to burn section.

Best Zwift rides series…

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions leave a comment below!

Best Zwift Ride Under 45 Minutes

Got 45 minutes to burn? Why not hop on Zwift, there are tons of Zwift workouts that are under 45 minutes, and a lot of races that are under 45 minutes. Here are the three best Zwift rides that you can do in 45 minutes or less.

The best Zwift ride is likely the workout from the VOX women’s tour. The workout is called Tanja Erath – FTP Booster, it was actually designed by Tanja Erath. I have done this workout before and it was very hard. This workout is made to help improve your FTP a few weeks before races. This workout consists of some warm up and openers, then right into the main set. The main set is made up of three builds of 4 different amounts of power. In between each build is a 1 minute rest. This workout is great if you are really trying to maximize the effort that you put on in 45 minutes. This workout can be found under the Vox Women’s tour 2021 section.

The next best is likely a Crit City race. Crit City races last around 20-25 minutes depending on how many riders are in the race, and which category you race. Including a warm-up and cool down, it is around 45 minutes long. I would highly recommend doing a warm up workout, if you have one that works for you, or hopping on with a pace partner(I usually hop on with the one below the category that I am racing), then do a few openers to get the legs ready. For a cool down I just get to a high cadence and keep the legs spinning while I look at Zwift Power results, power numbers, and other stats. Here are the typical durations of the races based off of category. This is for a standard 9.8 mile Crit City race.

A – 20 min

B – 21 min

C – 23 min

D – 25 min

The last is the Wringer. The Wringer was the first workout that I ever did, and I suffered. This workout helps boost your VO2 and improve you 30 second power. This duration effort is great to simulate race finishes, where you will have to do a pretty long sprint. This workout is 43 minutes long, it consists of an 8 minute warm up, twelve 30 second efforts, 2:40 rest to start, then -5 seconds of rest for each of the intervals. In final rest is 2 minutes long. This workout can be found in the 60 minutes to burn section.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you try one of these workouts the next time you ride! If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below!

Best Zwift Rides Under 60 Minutes

Got an hour to burn but not sure what to spend it on? Here are the top three rides that you can do in an hour or less. Almost all of the Zwift workouts are under an hour long, so there is a great selection of workouts to do in 60 minutes or less.

The best workout that you can do in this amount of time that will really get that intensity in is The McCarthy Special. The workout is made of up three builds of 3 minutes in zone 4,5, and 6. In between you will get 9 minutes of rest before the next effort. This workout works is exactly an hour long. It works on increasing your FTP and simulating a race. This workout is very tough, over the course of an hour you will have a total of 90 stress points. Everyone loves an FTP increase! You can find this workout under the less than an hour to burn section.

The next is the SST(Short). This workout works on improving your sweet spot power and increasing you FTP. The workout is made up of some over-unders. There will be 4 sets of 5 minutes at zone 4 and then 5 minutes at zone three. These blocks go on continuously, which means there is no rest in between each set. The workout lasts almost an hour, leaving time for you to cool down a bit more. This workout can also be found in the less than an hour to burn section.

The final ride is a race. Racing on Zwift is very fun and also gives you a great workout. Everyday there are probably around a hundred races to choose from. Most are under an hour, and some slightly over an hour depending on what category you race in. I would highly recommend joining a race 1-2 times a week(Depending on how much you normally ride) and just race and have fun! Unlike outdoor races, you didn’t pay anything(other than your Zwift subscription), so you have nothing to lose! Feeling like recovering? There are also tons of group rides throughout the day that are paced anywhere from 1-2.5 Wpk. I highly recommend a Pac ride or a Herd ride.

The best Zwift rides series…

The best Zwift rides under 45 minutes

The best Zwift rides under 30 minutes(Coming soon)

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below!

Tips for Zwift Academy Road 2021

Here are a few tips I have for riders who are participating in Zwift Academy. If you want in on the event and are not already signed up, it is not too late! You can sign up through the companion app or the Zwift app. This is my 3rd year participating in the academy and every year it just keeps getting better.

My first tip is to use ERG mode. ERG mode helps you hit the correct cadence and power outage by increasing and decreasing the amount of resistance that Zwift gives you. For riders who are new to structured workouts, I highly recommend using ERG mode to ensure that you earn all of the stars. Remember, the more stars the more XP! I love everything about ERG mode except for the ERG spiral of death. That is when you are pedaling and it suddenly gets really hard to pedal. One work around that I have found for that issue is to just turn ERG off for about 5-10 seconds, and then turn it back on.

My second tip is to take rest days in between workouts. I found that these workouts are pretty hard for me, the next day my legs are usually dead. If I were to do the workouts back to back, I likely would not hit the power numbers and I wouldn’t get the full benefit. Now that the Zwift Academy recovery rides are scheduled, I would highly recommend joining one of those, turning the HUD off, and enjoying the scenery. Don’t worry about the leaders pace, just go at your own speed and keep the HR low.

My third and final tip is to do an FTP test/Ramp test/Max effort race. The reason why I included a max effort race is because that is how I do most of my “FTP” tests. I don’t like doing the actual test itself because it is less motivating and more boring. Instead I normally do a Crit Race and aim to hold a high power rather than trying to save energy to have a good position in the finishing sprint. For me racing is a lot more fun than FTP tests, and I am pretty sure most people do not enjoy FTP tests. Zwift will automatically detect if you set a new 20 minute power output, and increase your FTP if you do get a new FTP.

Zwift Racing League Season 4

Zwift racing league season 4 details are now out, including an updated ruleset for the 2021/2022 racing season. Here is a link to the rules page on WTRL: WTRL has also added all of the power ups that will be used in this upcoming seasons routes, the segments are also up. Here is a link to the complete schedule including power up information, primes, and more: I highly recommend signing up for Zwift Racing League, I had a blast in the past two seasons and you get to race against some of the best of the best. For a brief schedule, head over to this article that I put together: Here is an article with a complete list of recon rides and tips for each stage:

Some big news for junior riders who would like to participate in Zwift Racing League, riders under 16 are no longer allowed to participate. I have reached out to Zwift for more information on why. Zwift says that this is because they are required to protect riders under the age of 16 on the platform because of legal reasons.

If you found this article helpful/useful or you just enjoyed it, check back often for the latest Zwift news!

World of Zwift episode 41

I decided to write about this video because Zwift will be talking about the Baseline rides which many first time Zwifters are confused about. That can be found in the A to Zwift section. This weeks world of Zwift will also highlight Ashton Lambie, who was the first person to do a 4k pursuit in under 4 minutes. Zwift will also be highlighting some upcoming events in the This week in Zwift.

Here is the video link: