Tour4kids Stages 7 and 8 Recap

Tour4kids has just come to a close this week! We had two very good routes, stage 7 was 3 laps of three village loop, and stage 8 was around 3.5 laps of Champs Elysees. On stage 7 the lead group held a blistering pace up the climbs, and through the sprints. Oliver Oldham took home the win for stage 7, with the leader of Tour4kids, James Roberts 5 minutes back. Stage 8 was full of action, the race started out pretty mellow, but the pace slowly increased on the slight incline, then at the top of the climb the group split during the sprint. The chase group managed to grab back on, but then lost the group the next lap. On the 3rd lap I made an attack on the sprint, with one other rider. We ended up with over a 40 second gap on the next rider. After my final pull, James Roberts made his move and took advantage of my fatigue. James Roberts took home the stage 8 win, and the title of Tour4kids winner.

That is it for Tour4kids until next year. Stay tuned as details will be released in the coming months. It is looking like the event will be held sometime in February, stay tuned!

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Tour4kids Stages 5 and 6 Recap

This weeks Tour4kids stages were pretty hard. Stage 5 was 2 laps of Tick Tock, while stage 6 was 1 lap of the UCI Short Lap which included the Innsbruck KOM. The fastest riders finished stage 5 in just under an hour, while the rest finished in just over an hour. There was a very strong sprint off at the end. Stage 6 was an absolute sweat fest on the Innsbruck KOM. The top riders held around 5 wpk for the duration of the climb. This race took around 45 minutes and was very hard. After ascending the KOM, riders enjoyed a nice long decent at the top of the KOM. The race finished off near the lap banner.

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Tour4kids Stage 3 and 4 Recap

Tour4kids is now halfway done! This weekend we had two hillier courses. Stage 3 was two bridges loop, and stage 4 was Tour of Tewit Well. They were both a blast, and one rider took the win in both of the stages. Stage 3 split up fast, the lead group of 5 riders finished in just under 40 minutes. There was a short steep climb each lap where riders were attacking like crazy. Stage 4 there was only one group of three in the end, the rest were riding solo. The first KOM was neutralized, and the second KOM saw some very fast times. In the middle of the course that was also a short 40 second climb that peaked just over 20%! James Roberts took the win for both of the stages, unfortunately 2 riders did not finish on stage 4 because of technical difficulties. Here are some video recordings, please leave a like and subscribe!

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Tour4Kids 2021 (Fall Edition!) Details


    This is an event for riders 15 and under. Anyone of all abilities can join this event, most riders will be racing it, but feel free to join in and just watch or enjoy the ride. For registration, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where a link for registration can be found. Riders must be following Oliver Chi [SPEEDHOUND][PV] in order to receive a meetup invite. You can find me by going to the find Zwifters section of Zwift companion. This is the third edition of this event, last year we had over 100 riders registered! To register the only things needed is your name in Zwift, and your favorite bike.


    I have been working very hard to bring all of you riders the best experience we can. This event is for kids ages 15 and under only. The race will be at 8:30 am pst, on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The winner of the tour will be the rider with the shortest amount of time in the GC(General Classification). We have also shortened and changed the routes a little bit to make the best experience for all riders of all abilities. There will be sprint points, KOM points, Women/girls only standings, and a youth classification. There will be a winner in each category. There will be a meet and greet ride just like that year(just a fun ride to get to know each other), the week before the first stage. Filling out the google form is very important, in order to be invited to the event, you must fill out the google form and follow me. This iconic event begins October 2nd, 2021, if you can’t make it to some of the stages, that is ok, you can still jump in on the fun on the days that you are available!

In October kids from all around the world will gather on Zwift to join the event that only happens twice a year. To join in on the fun click on this link: Click here to sign up. Once you fill out the form, some more information is linked at the end. Please fill out this form so that we know who to invite as this event uses Zwift’s meetup feature. By Name on Zwift, we mean what is the name we can search your profile up at, not your email address(the only information needed to sign up is your name in Zwift).

    This event will take place over 4 weeks. If you wish to participate, reading the whole post will be helpful. The first day is October 2nd 2021. A few of the events will be recorded for you all to watch after the race. Please only fill out the google form once, unless you are signing up a sibling. This helps us with the roster and it helps us keep track of who is coming and who to invite. The points go by whoever is fastest through the segment. There are two separate standings for each different thing like sprints and KOMs.For the discord link leave a comment on one of my rides on Zwift, or on this post and I will get the link to you, the link is also on the google form. I will then create a meetup with you that has the link in the description. This is to make sure random people are not joining the server. The winner will receive the honor of being the winner of the third edition of Tour4Kids!


Linked to the name of the routes are a Zwift recon of the route, if there is not a recon available the route profile page from Zwift Insider will be linked to the name. To the right of the name is the distance, then to the right of that is the total elevation gain.

Stage 1: TT – Lutece Express  – 10.1km – 34m

Stage 2: Road Race – Casse-Pattes – 23.9km – 145m

Stage 3: Road Race – Two Bridges Loop – 28.4km – 292m

Stage 4: Road Race – Tour of Tewit Well – 20.8km – 400m

Stage 5: Road Race – Tick Tock – 38km – 88m

Stage 6: Road Race – 2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap – 23.6km – 487m

Stage 7: Road Race – Three Village Loop – 31.5km – 276m

Stage 8: Road Race – Champs-Élysées – 28km – 130m


Throughout the race you will be able to accumulate points. The rider with the most KOM points will be the winner for the KOM jersey. The rider with the most sprint points will be the winner of the Sprint. The points will be given out to the rider who has the quickest time, not the first rider to cross the segment.

Sprint points guide:

1st: 40 pts

2nd: 30 pts

3rd: 20 pts

4th: 18 pts

5th: 16 pts

6th: 14 pts

7th: 12 pts

8th: 10 pts

9th: 8 pts

10th: 7 pts

Mountain points guide:

1st: 10 pts

2nd: 6 pts

3rd: 4 pts


You must come to at least 3 of the 8 stages to count in the final standings. If you miss a stage you will receive a given time by one of the organizers(usually a time somewhere in the middle of the finishers). The results will be released within 24 hours of the event finishing. The use of a HRM (Heart rate monitor) is not mandatory and the use of Zpower is ok. If you have a HRM we recommend that you use it for further evidence that you are not cheating. Before racing, we recommend weighing yourself and ensure you have the correct weight entered on Zwift. You may not accuse anyone of cheating without any formal proof. If you do have proof send a message to one of us through discord. Make sure to have fun and keep this as a friendly and welcoming race. Cheating and bad sportsmanship is not tolerated. To participate you must be 15 or under. In case you missed it, here is the registration link: If you are looking for a supportive, fun, and well organized team, I highly recommend joining Bikely Youth Team on Zwift Power: Standings will be posted on a separate post that will be released a few days before the event. With that you should be all set and ready to go. Enjoy the race!