Tour4kids Winter Edition 4 Details

Note: The Google Doc attached to sign up will hold all sign up links. Check there frequently! In case we don’t get to use club events, make sure you are following me for a meetup invite just in case. Please check this post around a week before the first race for final details.

Tour4kids is back! This time the race will be using a completely new format, we hope you enjoy it!


Note: Details could change depending on whether we are able to get the clubs feature. This is an event for riders 16 and under, anyone of all abilities can join this event, most riders will be racing it, but feel free to join in and just spectate or enjoy the ride. For registration, head to the bottom of the page, or click here. Zwift is working very hard to get us the clubs feature so that we can run the events in the club. This will allow us not to require a regroup, better results, more route options, and more! The reason why we are not able to use clubs currently is due to security, and Zwift wants to ensure that kids are safe and protected on the platform.


I have been working very hard to bring all of you riders the best experience we can. This event is for kids ages 16 and under only. The race will be at 8:30 am PST, on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Convert to local time here. We do understand this time may not work for some riders, but it works for the majority of the Europe and America based riders(which is the majority of the event). If there is enough interest we may run another time zone for those in places like New Zealand, Australia, or Asia.

This year we will be using an all new format, so the winner of the GC will be the rider who have the most points with their best 5 results added up. All of the routes are around an hour or less at race pace, obviously the Alpe will be slightly longer. This iconic event begins on Saturday, February 5th, 2022, if you can’t make it to some of the stages, that is ok, you can still jump in on the fun on the days that you are available!

This event will take place over 4 weeks. If you wish to participate, reading the whole post will be helpfulPlease only fill out the google form once, unless you are signing up a sibling. This helps us with the roster and it helps us keep track of who is registered. The points go by whoever is fastest through the segment. There are two separate standings for each different thing like sprints and KOMs. Discord server links will be on the official event.


In February, kids from all around the world will gather on Zwift to join the event that only happens twice a year. To join in on the fun click on this link:


These stages are if everything goes as planned, and we are able to get the clubs feature. Linked to these routes are a post with details on the route. For length, head to the post linked to the route name. My opinion: 2 stages of Neokyo, 1 stage is alpe, 2 more stages Watopia(one of them seaside sprint, since we can do that route with clubs feature)(other one is epic KOM with bonus climb finish), 1 stage new york(laguardia loop), 1 stage Roule Ma Poule(finishes on KOM), then Champs eyeless.

Stage 1: TT – Sleepless City – 1 lap

Stage 2: Road Race – Roule Ma Poule – 1 lap

Stage 3: Road Race – Seaside Sprint – 4 laps // Will change to beach island loop if no clubs.

Stage 4: Road Race – Road to Sky – 1 lap

Stage 5: Road Race – Laguardia Loop – 5 laps

Stage 6: Road Race – Epic KOM Bonus Climb Finish – 1 lap // Will change to Climber’s Gambit if no clubs.

Stage 7: Road Race – Neokyo All-Nighter – 1 lap

Stage 8: Road Race – Champs-Élysées – 3 laps


All new format for this edition! This year we will take your 6 best results and those will count towards your GC. Each race you will get points based off of your place, and your 6 highest amounts of points will be the ones added up to form your GC. This is a much easier, and better system than going based off of time as many riders can’t come to every stage. I’d be very surprised if you can come to every stage though! Throughout the race you will be able to accumulate points. The rider with the most KOM points will be the winner for the KOM jersey. The rider with the most sprint points will be the winner of the Sprint classification. The points will be given out to the rider who has the quickest time, not the first rider to cross the line for the segment.

GC Points guide

1st – 35

2nd – 30

3rd – 27

4th-7th – 24

8th-13th – 20

14th-17th – 18

18th-23rd – 15

24th-30th – 13

31st – 40th – 10

41st-48th – 8

49th+ – 5

Sprint Points guide:

1st: 40 pts

2nd: 30 pts

3rd: 20 pts

4th: 18 pts

5th: 16 pts

6th: 14 pts

7th: 12 pts

8th: 10 pts

9th: 8 pts

10th: 7 pts

KOM Points guide:

1st: 10 pts

2nd: 6 pts

3rd: 4 pts


Results will be released within 24 hours of the event finishing. The use of a HRM (Heart rate monitor) is not mandatory and the use of Zpower is ok. If you have a HRM we recommend that you use it for further evidence that you are not cheating. If Zwift Power becomes an option for us, we will have Zpower riders disqualified on Zwift Power, but they will not be disqualified on official results on my website. Before racing, we recommend weighing yourself and ensure you have the correct weight entered on Zwift. You may not accuse anyone of cheating without any formal proof, if you do have proof send a message to one of us through discord. Make sure to have fun and keep this as a friendly and welcoming race. Cheating and bad sportsmanship is not tolerated. To participate you must be 16 or under. If you are looking for a supportive, fun, well organized team, I highly recommend joining Bikely Youth Team on Zwift Power: Standings will be posted on a separate post that will be released a few days before the event. With that you should be all set and ready to go. Enjoy the race!